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Winter fairy tale...

Characteristic of fairy tales is, among other things, the appearance of fantastic elements in the form of talking animals, such as humans, sorceries with the help of witches or wizards, giants and dwarves, ghosts and fables (unicorns, dragons, etc.); At the same time, many fairy tales bear social-social or social-expressive features and say much about the social conditions, eg about domination and slavery, poverty and hunger, or even family structures at the time of their formation, transformation or written fixing. 76 more words


10C (50F) and sunshine today and I got to experience it some since I worked in the neighbor factory today. It will stay fairly warm over the weekend too they say but after that it’ll get colder again. 243 more words

This And That.

Sunday Brings Accumulating Snow, Forecast As Of The 8th Of Dec. 2016 - Update 4

Thursday night the 8th of Dec. 2016: Mostly cloudy skies and a chance for snow with strong winds, low 19.

Friday and Friday night the 9th of Dec. 62 more words


Gosh it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything… I wanted to check in with everyone! I always want to give a BIG shout out to  100 more words

Journeying Through This So Called Life

What have I done

So apparently, I have a blog. And you’re reading it. And if it weren’t for my mom leaving subtle hints on Facebook and Instagram, I would have forgotten about it. 1,261 more words


Autumn in my Garden

Another piece that we found. The story and pictures are amazing(Booked Travels)

Some times we feel like we want to capture that amazing Autumn photo, and that we must go out into a far away place to capture that image.But more often than not a great image can be found in your home garden.

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2016, December 1 - 2203 - winter 15

the cold bites harder (5)
scratching deeper at my bones (7)
with every degree (5)