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03/27/15: It looks like the "nice weekend" memo was off by a couple of days

Hopefully you enjoyed the sun yesterday while it lasted, as we’ll be moving to slightly cooler (but still warm) weather. I managed to squeeze in some grilling myself, but we’ll have to see how this weekend goes… 943 more words

A Blustery Day at the Farm

Today is one of those days where I would much rather curl up with a mug of hot chocolate, my favourite slouchy clothes and a good book to read. 199 more words


Finally it's not raining!

I don’t care if it’s windy. It finally stopped raining, so look for me and Damien at the beach! Happy :)

Personal Blog

It feels a bit better already.

I’ve been to the doctor this morning to check my feet and my right shoulder. It’s awful enough to drive in a storm as it is and it’s even worse when it suddenly starts to snow heavily and the sights is minimal at the same time as the wind does its best to push the car of the road :-) The snow fall only lasted for a few minutes though and was later replaced by rain. 576 more words

This And That.

03/25/15: Good thing it was nice Tuesday afternoon...

…Because traffic was terrible! I walked from Elliott Ave to Westlake center, passed 2 buses for the route I take to go to the same place (and they left before I even got off work), and they never passed me. 863 more words

Break My Stride? NOT!!!

I may fall but I’ll sure as heck will get up!

We FINALLY got a break from the snow and ice so I take advantage of the days in which I can get outside and walk for cardio. 227 more words

Health And Wellness


We had a warm spell the other weekend so we strapped on our snowshoes and tapped some trees. It was quite windy! Since then the temperature has dropped again and the wind has picked up. 22 more words