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Something in the air…

It’s been kinda breezy around here, lately…
Which makes pictures like the one below rather challenging. 351 more words

An Appreciation

Wind Chimes

Recently I saw a CVS sign advertising a Buy 1, Get 1 Free for wind chimes. This was their lure-me-in factor? Who the fuck buys wind chimes?? 78 more words

Rain has turned to snow

Here in Wellington, we don’t really get snow. If we do, it’s a very rare occasion. Being from Sweden, I’m very used to snow as we got snow every year (almost every year at least) and some years it felt like winter went on forever with snow for months and months. 324 more words

New Zealand

I better wear breathing protection.

I’m wearing one black and one grey sock today and the grey sock has a big hole in it  just beneath my big toe. I really need to find Sune’s stash of socks now, I barely have any left :-) I think there was some kind of challenge on facebook a while ago that wanted us to wear different colored socks to celebrate differences between us. 593 more words


Could it be genetically?

Sune just can’t stay still right now, I’ve just boiled some beef for the older guys and the smell drives Sune slightly insane :-) He won’t get any beef himself but I will pour the water the beef was in over his food so it’ll taste a bit like beef :-) The others don’t seem to care about the smell though, they just lay on the floor sleeping. 361 more words



I love Chicago!

It’s slightly cooler than New York (much more pleasant to walk in), it’s less busy (again, a nicer feel) and most importantly, the public art is wonderful…and it’s everywhere! 1,092 more words

Matlock Cycling Club - Evening 10 (2nd Place)


After resting on Sunday, I hit the turbo trainer on Monday night to do a few efforts on the TT bike, the plan for this week was to do the Matlock Cycling Club (MCC) 10 which starts just down the road in Darley Dale on Tuesdays at 7pm. 1,635 more words