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Iceland for Autumn Break

Autumn break was finally here and it was time to get back on a plane and explore another country. I had been thinking about going to Iceland for a few reasons. 2,064 more words

Good Morning!

It’s a crisp windy  sunny  fall Sunday morning the sun just shining in the fading beautiful foliage is stunning . Everyone is off  my son went home coming dance dress shopping with his girlfriend my daughter off with her boyfriend and my husband doing some outside cleanup and I thinking of making a nice homemade soup for supper . 55 more words

He's not an autumn dog :-)

It isn’t especially nice today either but it is slightly warmer and so far not a single snowflake mixed in the rain. The wind is slightly weaker and has changed direction just a little bit so it doesn’t hit my cottage any more. 433 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Hello, I am back!!!!

It’s a quiet cold windy Saturday  at home.  I sit  her watching the cat enjoy watching the leaves swirl around outside and the pups lay sleeping comfortably on my couch and I wonder why am I sitting here watching them doing something they enjoy. 790 more words

A Cool But Much Drier Day, Forecast As OF 10/21/16

Today and Tonight

Rain has moved out of the area but cool temps will stick around. We will see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies today. 109 more words

Cold Temps

I wonder why he followed us.

Nasty is the nicest word I can find to describe our weather right now. We’re having a string wind blowing from east-northeast, rain falling from the sky with a few snowflakes mixed in to it and just a few degrees above freezing point. 351 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Travelling InCOGnito

There’s more than one way to reach the top of mount Washington: walk, drive or take the train. We’d love to tell you we hiked up the mountain in record time just like the local thirty year old lady who does it twice a week! 567 more words