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The Sensuality of Wine

By Rebeccah Marsters

Type “wine and…” into your browser search bar and what does the all-knowing Internet come up with to fill the blank? Wine and food, wine and roses, wine and chocolate, and, yes, wine and sex. 1,659 more words

Smart Tastes

Wine: overrated or really wonderful?

Wine as you all know is in fact the fermented juice of grapes so technically can be classified as an aliment yet still, like any aliment too much of a good thing is a bad thing. 986 more words

Wine and Romance

Is wine an Aphrodisiac? We certainly hope so!

It’s a timeless truth – Wine and Romance just seem to go together.  No less a sage than Ovid, in his 17 A.D. 575 more words

Miss Jane's Wine Class

The Obligatory Valentines Day Post

Rather than lump everyone together in one post, let’s face it: Valentines Day is one of the most divisive holidays out there – it pits singletons squarely against couples. 932 more words

Wine Reviews

Reason # 2,389,978 why wine is awesome!

Now here is a medical study that the tax-payers could easily support.  According to an article from the August issue of Wine Spectator (click here… 40 more words