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A wine a month

Wine clubs are work like book-of-the-month club, but for wine. You also get discounts on wines and other benefits, which might include discounts on merchandise and free tastings. 246 more words

Wine Clubs

Wine Club Event

This month, we had an experience that left us all saying “same time next year!” It was the Mumm Napa Lobster Dinner on the Vineyard Green event, where the “methode de champagne” (sparkling wine) flowed abundantly, the lobster feast surpassed any we had ever been to (and there have been many), the music prompted dancing “on the green” and 16 of our dearest friends and family members had an experience to remember. 150 more words

Wine Clubs Without Commitments

Joining a Wine Club without any membership fee or contractual obligation is like dating without any commitment. In other words,  quite appealing. That is so long as you don’t waste your time and encounter bad experiences on your first date or wine purchase. 495 more words

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Talking about the smell and taste of wine

At a wine tasting

When you first sample wine at a wine tasting, hold the glass by the stem or the base, so the warmth of your hand doesn’t heat the wine past its serving temperature. 250 more words

Wine Clubs

Joining a wine club

Wine clubs near St. Helena

Wine clubs are a part of the traditions of California wine. By joining one, you get discounts and other benefits, like information on the wine and what foods to pair it with. 251 more words

Wine Clubs

VineBox "Wine By the Glass" Club Half Empty

Recently, we’ve been “kicking the tires” on what appears to be a growing “wine club” that’s everywhere these days.

VineBox caught our eye as a unique “wine by the glass” club without committing to a case of misfit wines from a place like Modesto, CA. 311 more words

Wine club Q&A

Questions and answers on wine clubs

What is a wine club?

A wine club is a club for wine buyers. You agree to buy a certain number of bottles every year, and the club delivers them. 223 more words

Wine Clubs