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Straight from the French countryside: the champaign punch

As some of you may know (or not) I am originally from France, a country famous for its wines, but not necessarily for its cocktails. With time, however, and the affluence of American and English visitors especially in Paris and the French Riviera in from the 1920s onwards, France has valiantly tried to create its own cocktail recipes – and create its own brand of originality. 297 more words


The Pineapple Cooler: a fresh and fruity taste for a sunny afternoon

Summer is coming, dear guests! And with it, its cohort of outdoor lunches, barbecues and picnics. Let us stray away from classic cocktails and look at more recently created recipes. 298 more words


GASTRONOMY: Winter Warming Chai

As I write this, it is a stormy dark day here in Auckland. Looking out at the harbour, it is early afternoon and the day is already at a half light. 422 more words


Hollywood & Wine: Screening Room Meets Tasting Room at New Film Series in Marin

by David Templeton

Cinematic history is crammed with films in which, at one moment or another, someone talks about wine, shops for wine, or actually drinks wine — or in the case of the Creature in… 1,059 more words


“Weddings” From YOU SUCK AT DRINKING by Matthew Latkiewicz

There aren’t many scenarios in your life when you will encounter a true open bar—your office holiday party maybe, some art and culture events if you run in those circles, a party at Kanye West’s house—which is what makes weddings so damn awesome. 1,008 more words


Raise Your Glass: An Appreciative Look at Matthew Latkiewicz's YOU SUCK AT DRINKING

by Risa Nye

Over the last ten years, Matthew Latkiewicz been offering eager readers his hard-won knowledge about drinking through his humor writing for McSweeney’s… 1,015 more words