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$65.52 - Wine Offering Icon Adornment

$65.52 USD

This beautiful adornment features amethyst, fluorite, garnet, and ruby jade, and would make a thoughtful gift for any Deity, especially those associated strongly with wine, or the creation thereof. 37 more words

Pristine & Primrose

Wine Roulette

First, wine tasting is not easy. If anyone tells you that, they are liars.

I don’t mean having a sip and tasting what is in your mouth. 541 more words

The Clear

Okay, so not a stretch on this one, but I am a little tired and just went for something quick and easy.  Look for the glass to reappear at a later date, I do have other ideas, but this was available so I just went for it. 114 more words


The Glow

I have been pondering this one for a while and decided that tonight was the night to give it a try and it turned out okay.   179 more words


52-Week Photo Challenge, 2017
Week 15–Artistic: Hard



The Swirl

So I did it again, I really need to inspect my props before I start photographing, when will I learn!!!! (yes, this deserves lots of exclamation points… 121 more words

Why Do Wine Glasses Have Stems

Serving wine is a true art form. Everything involved, from storage to glasses, matters. It all impacts how wine tastes when it hits your tongue. Shedding more light on wine glasses, to ensure you experience pure heaven with every drop, Ideal Wine Company asks: why do wine glasses have stems? 445 more words

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