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Pairing 101

I’ll begin by saying: drink what you like, like what you drink. You are the only person that needs pleasing. Secondly, know that these “rules” are more of a set of guideline to enhance your dining experience by pairing the flavors of both the food and wine so they accentuate each other. 685 more words


Scratching the Surface of Champagne

If you follow my Carpe Vinum adventures, you know that a couple of us are heading to France on vacation this summer (I’m going Paris and north; my girlfriend is going Paris and south). 1,186 more words


Not All Summertime Wines Must Be White

Our wine consumption evolves with the weather. Here at Vinesse, we even have wine clubs and Cyber Circle offerings that are geared specifically to the changing seasons. 281 more words

Editor's Journal

A Pea Salad and a Spring Bruschetta Bar

Our dining room table had it’s swan song last week. I hosted the weekly girl’s night dinner and once everyone had left, the table was wiped clean one last time, titled it on it’s edge, legs removed and it shortly will be making it’s way to a new home (thanks Craigslist!). 776 more words


Sweet wine lovers step in from the cold, claim their place at the table

Hang around tasting rooms long enough, and you’re going to hear it. Flack, aimed gently (and occasionally somewhat snobbishly) at the people in the crowd who tilt toward sweeter pours. 569 more words

Naked Winery

On the Merits of Going Solo (to a Restaurant)

Bar conversations are really intended to be eavesdropped upon, I mused as I dunked another tempura battered shrimp into a cool ranch trough. Crispy on the outside, doughy on the inside: tempura perfection. 1,113 more words