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Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Pairings

What’s better than Girl Scout Cookies? Girl Scout Cookies and wine of course. Yes, the pairings don’t stop with chocolate and cheese. Specific flavors in Girl Scout Cookies like lemon, coconut and chocolate were maid for sharing with wine. 374 more words

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Foodie Virginia!

Too many activities, too little time to do them in — story of my life these days! But we’ve had some great foodie experiences here in Virginia that I’d like to share, starting with this delectable hot cocoa from our neighborhood (“neighborhood,” as in “within walking distance”) restaurant. 333 more words


Culinary Travel: Fine Dining in Holland

Holland, for whatever reason, is a mecca for avant-garde and high-end chefs. Perhaps endless dreary grey days drive everyone into the kitchen, with maximized desire for something colorful and creative. 404 more words

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Daydreaming & Savoring The Flavors Of Italy's Wines!

Imagine, if you will: It’s a clear, warm day in Italy.  The sun is shining, and people are going about their daily routines around you.  You are sitting on a beautiful patio, surrounded by green trees, red flowers, and little bits of Italian conversations from the locals. 361 more words


Today's Food and Wine Review

After returning from a recent business trip, we’ve had a busy weekend. First it was a day of wine and chocolate tasting on Saturday on Bainbridge Island. 142 more words

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Best Wines for Valentines

Romance is in the air and the day of love is nearly upon us!  What better way to celebrate with your special someone than with a romantic dinner, and a specially picked bottle of wine! 756 more words

Wine Pairings

Saluti! SOHO's Tour Of Italy Continues...

Oh Italy, how we love you!  If you’ve never actually been, aren’t you still in love with the IDEA of Italy? We think so, and for good reason!   339 more words