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Bring on the Bordeaux! – A Home Wine Making Experience (6)

We Be Pressin….


And we are ready to go! first, we need to sanitize the press. We don’t want any gross microbes to get into our fabulous wine. 155 more words


What about the difficult child?

To those who have been with me from the beginning, this may seem familiar. That’s because this was my very first blog published. But it is one of my favorites. 863 more words


Pressing the Grapes

Let me begin this part by saying that this process involved a ton of prep.  You have to make sure EVERYTHING has been cleaned and sanitized and you want to have a system that will make it easy when it actually comes down to getting the wine into the carboy and then getting the carboy fitted with an airlock and into a place where it can go undisturbed for a few days. 169 more words


Archaeologists unearth Byzantine Age compound near Jerusalem

Archaeologists uncovered a large Byzantine Age compound west of Jerusalem, with a rarely preserved oil press, a wine press and a mosaic, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Thursday. 403 more words


JESUS, the Master Winemaker

In recent weeks, I’ve been stirred to do a word study on the making of new wine and the wine of the wrath of God as portrayed throughout the Holy Bible. 2,116 more words



Eso…This is for you.

The gnarled arms of the Oak tree rose to the skies with majestic aplomb. With a tangled mesh of limbs, its roots sprawled and snaked across the farm yard of Joash the Abiezrite. 703 more words


Feeling My Way


Another from Leeds Castle: a detail from the gatehouse door.

and then in the cellar there were these, to which also put me in mind of… 48 more words