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Life Reflections with a Magnificent Cabochon Brut 2009, Monte Rossa

Certain type of Wines have the incredible capacity to awakening your 5 senses all together at the same time. The first approach to a Cabochon Brut 2009 Monte Rossa… 452 more words


Behind The Scenes of the Live Virtual Tasting ...

As our Live Virtual Tasting was playing out on the far side of the black soundproofing behind us, our “live studio audience” (comprised of some of our very wonderful… 91 more words

Monte Bello

The Blog Post I've Been Waiting Almost Five Years To Publish!

In the early days of “4488:¬† A Ridge Blog,” the idea never even crossed my mind.

Even at Post #1000, it seemed little more than a mirage shimmering in the distance; untouchable, unearthly, unreal. 152 more words

Monte Bello

The Collected Wisdom of #ZinZen: Volume II

Statement: “I Want Zinfandel.” Response: Remove “I,” (Ego), then remove “Want,” (Desire). Now you are left w/ only Zinfandel.

Zinfandel is not a shriek, a howl, a sigh, or a yawn; rather, it is the deep breath of life. 261 more words

Viticultural Salmagundi

Carignane, My Wayward Son! "A Once-Forgotten Grape is Reborn in California"



Cheers to Carignane!

Cheers to Louis Villard!

Cheers to 7X7!

Sound the horns!

Release the hounds!

Fire the cannons!

For those about to Carignane, we salute you! 95 more words

Viticultural Salmagundi

Delehanty Building

The J.J. Delehanty Building is on the registration of historical places in Massachusetts!

Seafood Restaurant Southbridge

Aspirational Music, Aspirational Wine

Are you an “aspirational” wine consumer?

What drives your selections?

Price Break to Quality?

Cult of Personality?





Follow contemporary marketing-speak at all, and you’ll hear a great deal about “aspirational.” Aspirational brands, aspirational shopping, aspirational¬† strategies, etc. 902 more words

Viticultural Salmagundi