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Saturday Sipping - Beverages in Print, #3, 2016

It was a bottle sealed with red wax.  He sliced through the wax and pulled the cork out of the bottle.  ‘Perfect,’ he pronounced, pouring the scarlet liquid carefully into a nearby decanter.

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Under the Tuscan Sun

Getting up the next morning, I was not surprised to see two empty beds where the crazy Kentuckians had once slept. But I had no time to dwell on their absence. 1,709 more words


British man, with wife, 40 year anniv’, with son and his American wife.  British man has to have it known that he doesn’t like the wines, and then engages me in a discussion which I find is an argument when he says, “So what you’re saying is that you agree with me…” I say, “Yeah, right, I’m agreeing with you.” His son, though, was hilarious, saying to his wife after she said the Syrah was “godly”, “Well if you find religion in it I thought the other red was more Jesus-y…” I couldn’t contain my laughter.

Now I note….


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3, 2, 1 – it’s knock off time – you deserve a drink!  If you’re looking for some fail-safe wine recommendations, look no further. Here’s a collection of wines we’ve enjoyed over the past 7 days.   604 more words



#tbt to the time I took a selfie with Mr. Philipponnat!