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The experimenters claim that Wine A is cheap and Wine B is dear (outside of the experiment, both wines cost the same). The subjects don’t just think the “expensive” wine tastes better; they immediately experience its taste as better.

Once Upon a Full Moon...

Today was a train wreck. My littlest still wasn’t feeling up to par and his fever spiked again so it was off to the doctor. Thankfully my mother offered to stop by and watch the oldest so I wasn’t wrangling both kiddos there. 416 more words

July 28, 2015

Dearest you,

I woke up naked this morning. I vaguely remember pulling off threads of clothing from my limbs once I heard the front door clothes. 455 more words

Finally Free!

As you know we’ve had people here for about a month, which was really fun of course. Finally today though our last guest left early and we’ve had a great day here alone. 108 more words

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Big Little Wines

We had just walked out of L. Mawby Vineyards loaded up the car with our purchases, and proceeded to try the wines at Big Little Wines. 545 more words


Cucumber wine?

Yes, cucumber wine. Why not? We have plenty of cukes, and they go well in some cocktails, so I’m going to make a wine out of them. 206 more words


Champagne Ambitions, Plastic Cup Realities: How to Start a Super Fun And Totally Not Pretentious Wine Club

As mentioned in a previous post, my co-worker and I started a monthly wine club at the beginning of the year. Born out of New Year’s resolutions, a desire to drink during the week, and hours spent gossiping during our carpool, wine club has been a surprisingly successful little social endeavor. 1,199 more words