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21 August:  the taste of wine in the shadow of stolen goods. 

Today in 1911 the Mona Lisa was stolen by Vincenzo Peruggia who actually turned out to be a former Louvre employee. He then kept the painting for two whole years before the cops got it back. 548 more words

On the run.

Pacific Albacore tuna is running.  The brief season hits during peak summer.  It is a glorious time.  The loins are petal pink, tender, and sweet. 188 more words


Almost Legal

Wet Mexican leather chairs, a fresh weed-pile, creamy lecithin and lanolin pile into the Sprite-mobile for a cruise down a cedar-plank street delicately lined with eucalyptus and dudes in sweaty leather harnesses. 85 more words


What to get a red wine drinker. via /r/wine

What to get a red wine drinker.

Want to get a gift for someone. They like red wine, not too sweet, not too dry. If I had to say a price range, I would say 50?? 28 more words


Chardonnay 201: Time to Taste

Most people I know who are serious about wine have told me that the best way to learn a grape is to try as many styles of that grape as possible- different regions, different price points, blended… whatever I could get my hands on- drink it, study it, befriend it. 1,258 more words


Fat Bird, Part 3

While we appreciate Fat Bird and the pair of birds visiting our home, there’s another Fat Bird that we appreciate more. Specifically, it’s a Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region in New Zealand.

Lovely wine. Highly recommended!