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Does Your Taste in Coffee Dictate Your Taste in Wine?

Not to brag, but I believe I am uniquely qualified to tackle this particular topic.

I often start my work day at our neighborhood Starbucks coffee shop, where I typically order the featured dark roast with just a little bit of room, to which I add a splash of half-and-half. 460 more words

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The Most Expensive Wine in the World

There are two types of wine collectors:

  • Those who stock up on what are perceived as the world’s finest wines for their own future enjoyment (and perhaps to impress their friends and associates with a well-stocked cellar).
  • 379 more words
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Are You Ready for National Rosé Day?

Every year as Thanksgiving approaches, people ask me what kind of wine they should buy to accompany the big feast.

Because there are so many flavors involved — from corn bread stuffing smothered in gravy to sweet potatoes to cranberry sauce to turkey to ham and on and on — a good default choice is always sparkling wine, which typically brings more refreshment than (competing) flavors to the table. 224 more words

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Favorite Wines of the Top Celebrities

“Showman P.T. Barnum set the stage for modern celebrity culture by opening the curtain on mass entertainment in the mid-19th century,” wrote Amy Henderson in an essay. 283 more words

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Time to Celebrate National Wine Day — It’s Tomorrow!

For those who work Monday through Friday, I have good news: National Wine Day falls on a Friday — tomorrow, to be specific.

So unless you have someplace to be early Saturday morning, you can stay up a little later than usual Friday night and pour yourself an extra glass of wine. 198 more words

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Women Continue to Make Their Mark in World of Wine

2017 will long be remembered for the #MeToo movement, and rightly so.

In the world of wine, however, women have been making their mark for decades — some as winery owners, some in winery management, some as vineyard managers and some as winemakers. 436 more words

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Red Wine Bath: A Grape Experience in the Big Apple

There are spa treatments… and then there are spa treatments.

Did you know there are places you can go and soak in red wine? One such place is… 380 more words

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