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The Winery and me.....

I have been working part time at the winery for about two weeks but it feels like I have been there forever. I think that is a good thing. 583 more words


Birthday Weekend

I’m late posting this, but I was having too much fun on my birthday weekend to post anything. Plus, I just started a new job, too! 143 more words

I Love Kids… Just Not in Wine Country

Over the years, I can recall a few wineries that made attempts at becoming “kid-friendly.” There may still be a few around.

But for the most part, those policies went the way of “kid-friendly” Las Vegas. 190 more words

Editor's Journal

treatment for stir crazy

This past weekend, Tracy passed the one week post-op mark and officially progressed to stir crazy. Being nonweight bearing on one leg severely limits what a person can do; more than you can ever anticipate. 307 more words


Wine Time: Stress Free

You don’t need to be a Sommelier to appreciate wine! I am by know means an expert on the evaluation of wines, but I do trust my taste buds, and I must say that in the Windsor-Essex region we are lucky to have many amazing local wineries. 244 more words


Victoria精彩的Day 1 : part 2

食完lunch, 我們繼續南下, 向downtown方向去. On the way, 我們stop by 2個vineyard. 大朋友真的太愛wine tasting了.

第一站去了Church & State Wine, 都算係一間幾大的vineyard. 除了wine tasting, 還有餐廳! 只是今日太遲了, 所以無飯食了~ 大朋友wine tasting時, 我只好周圍影相.

Vineyard雖然種滿葡萄, 但原來這只是莊園的1/3, 其餘的葡萄都種在Victoria的其他位置. 28 more words

遊歷 - 加拿大

Laurita Winery

One of the things I have always wanted to do is go do wine tasting at a winery. This is definitely out of the norm for my cousins and I but of course life is about trying new things. 86 more words