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Touriga Nacional – 2008; Spicewood Vineyards; Spicewood, Texas

A little aging and a lot of patience does lead to great surprises!  This lovely inky red wine still has some very nice robust structure. We enjoyed pouring this wine into the glass and watching the colors unfold.  86 more words


South African Pinotage – NV; Water 2 Wine

You just never know what you may find in your cellar that surprises you.  This signature South Africa varietal still expresses some nice fruit.  The berry notes are quite favorable and still has a bit of earthiness to it.  44 more words


Viviana – 2009; Llano Estacado; Lubbock, Texas

This lovely white blend makes a great summer time option to enjoy alone or as a beautiful white for pairing with dinner.  The elegant aging color of this wine only adds to the visual experience. 90 more words


Cabernet Sauvignon – 2004; Unionville Winery; Ringoes, New Jersey

A well-aged Cabernet is one of those great treats to have and enjoy. This 13- year old bottle of wine has held up well.  It’s just beginning to turn, but still drinkable.  81 more words


Sangiovese – 2010; Solaro Estate; Dripping Springs, Texas

Oh man!  What a pleasure it is to enjoy such beautifully aged wine.  The light ruby red color is tantalizing to watch on that first pour.  176 more words


Rosa Blanca – NV; Lost Oak Winery; Burleson, Texas

Though darker than most blushes, the Creamy and smoothness of this wine makes it a great summer time enjoyment.  It’s well balanced with good acids.  Raspberries come out after the first sip with that will linger around for a bit.  49 more words


Yummy, refreshing Sangrias!

We’re always on the lookout for delicious, mouth watering cocktail recipes and we are delighted to share with you these fresh Sangria ideas.

So simple to make… 241 more words