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Pinot Noir – 2005; Santa Maria Cellars; Fredericksburg, Texas

As you can tell from the cork in the picture, this is going to be a very good and well aged red wine!  Just look at that dark black side of the cork for a while in anticipation of sipping.  119 more words


Modern Italian Wines at Haikko Manor

I had the pleasure of participating in a wine dinner arranged at Haikko Manor on Friday. Haikko Manor is the first manor hotel in Finland opened in 1966. 579 more words


Paulo – 2002; Messina Hof Winery; Bryan, Texas

These premium red wines from Messina Hof are always a pleasure to open and enjoy.  The brand name alone sets the stage with a great reputation that you’re about to sip something really, really good.  151 more words


Fruity California Wines

After watching a news cast this week I decided to go along to California Fruit Wine Company to see, well taste their wines. . The difference with these to others I frequent is they make fruit wines. 239 more words


Corvina Amarone – 2006; Circle S Vineyards; Sugar Land, Texas

How many good Corvina wines have you come across in the U.S.?  And how many Amarone style winemakers have you come across?  Probably very, very, very few.  199 more words


130 Sparkling Wine Brut - NV; Casa Valduga; Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil

This is a nice easy drinking sparkler for those special occasions. This blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir has tropical fruit aromas and a nice elegant bouquet. 181 more words


Syrah - 2004; Mandola Winery; Driftwood, Texas

This was a nice find in the wine cellar and though the vintage says 2004, the wine was still wonderful! Of course, enjoying the experience starts with discovering the aromatic notes when you open the bottle and begin to let the wine breathe. 151 more words