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Working with Buttons in Windows Forms

Buttons allow users to interact with a winforms application. The most popular event that is used for buttons is the click event.

An event… 1,879 more words

Basic C# Skills

Create a "Hello World" Winforms Application

The only tool that you need to create a Winforms application is Visual Studio. Some die-hard coders would probably tell you that they could do it with Windows Notepad, but I prefer to use Microsoft Visual Studio, and that is what I will use in all of my blog posts. 1,628 more words


Revisiting Microsoft Forms: WinForms

This is a series of posts on older Microsoft forms technologies and reflections on what is really good about them. When I first used these platforms, I had strong biases against them, which were encouraged by co-workers and friends. 1,141 more words


[How-To][WinForm]Prevent MDI child form ControlBox from appearing

However I have long stopped working in winforms, One of my friend needed help with his project, The problem he faced was that the controlBox of the MDI child forms would randomly show, while navigating through forms, I observed that… 101 more words

How To’s And Various Solutions