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Benefits of Bible Study



I believe I benefit from the Bible, every book of the Bible, chapter and verse. Repetition is a great teacher and I have recently learned a new appreciation of the Book of Job.                                                                                       128 more words


Teachable Through Trials

Most school age children hope that peers never label them the ‘Teacher’s Pet.’ On the other hand, they secretly desire preferential treatment from their teachers. In the Christian life, Jesus is the Master teacher. 106 more words


Bilingual Believers

I do not speak fluently in any foreign languages; to be honest, old English teachers would be right in saying I have not mastered my native tongue. 125 more words


The Threshold

Stammering and wobbly kneed, a man and woman make a lifelong commitment. Exchanging wedding vows before God, clergy, family and friends, they promise to love and cherish… 199 more words


Knows Best How to Bless

Is it a match made in heaven?

When love walks in, we hope and pray it is the till death do us part kind of courtship. 163 more words


For Keeps

I inwardly squirm when I read the shalt not commandments.

I visualize the doctor telling me not to use salt. Instantly, I feel slighted and want to shake that table salt-shaker for all it is worth! 136 more words



Handholding is not a new concept; I’m glad that it will never go out of style…

Daddy: “Take my hand; we’re going to cross the street.” 155 more words