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Dysfunction In Congress Complicates GOP Lawsuit To Topple Obamacare

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) warned of the consequences of a ruling against Obamacare, insisting that Republicans must have a plan to deal with them. “Chemotherapy turned off for perhaps 12,000 people, dialysis going dark for 10,000. 176 more words

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Obama doesn’t have to say he loves us - The Washington Post

Flattery of leaders might lead to recklessness, but flattery of the populace can breed complacency. The president’s job is not just to tell us how great and exceptional we are; it’s to motivate us to become even greater, even more exceptional, and to show us how to get there. 102 more words

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W’s Wars: Is Jeb His Brother’s Keeper? - The Daily Beast

The ex-president’s brother thinks he shouldn’t have to address all the bloodshed his brother caused. Sorry, Jeb: That’s insane.

I wouldn’t want to talk about the past either, if I were John Ellis Bush. 255 more words

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The Case for Democrats Skipping the Netanyahu Speech - The Atlantic

This, for me, brings into clear focus the patent harm caused by Citizens United: The ability of money to highjack American political processes is a dangerous thing. 121 more words

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VA Chief Gives Congressman Short Lesson in STFU--TPM

After General Eric Shinseki stepped down as VA Secretary, President Obama nominated former Proctor and Gamble CEO Bob McDonald to replace him and turn things around at the VA. 219 more words

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Scott Walker Isn't Sorry - The Atlantic

His speech in Iowa not only slammed President Obama’s executive action legalizing some undocumented immigrants. It didn’t even include the love-letter to legal immigrants that Republicans typically use to shield themselves from charges of being anti-Hispanic. 113 more words

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