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The GOP Wing Nuts Are In Charge

The GOP is full of feeble-minded people They sit in congress as our REPRESENTATIVES Call them whatever you want Call them wing nuts call them whatever you like Rome is burning The Huns are at the city gates And we are the level-headed ones the straight thinkers the highly educated the informed We are the ones who are stuffed with pizza hot dogs and fried chicken We are  the ones who are guzzling  beers at NFL stadiums watching the gladiators annihilate one another we are the ones who are too busy to go vote  and yes we are the ones who have allowed power-hungry greedy multi millionaires dictate national elections who have looked the other way as lobbyists have swarmed congress with lavish gifts and money to gain personal favors  We are  the ones who have allowed no talents like Miley Cyrus to go on stage and shake their ass in our faces for entertainment and yes we are the ones who have allowed modern day progressive educators to swindle us through educational programs that don’t work through unchecked unregulated gross expenditures that have stuffed their pockets We are the ones who are worse than those we chose to call wing nuts We are the ones that have allowed all this and more to happen The wing nuts are destroying this nation The walls of Washington are crumbling down and we sit on our hands in denial  WE are the TRUE WING NUTS WE ARE THE SPECIES ON THE ENDANGERED LIST  WE HAVE LOST OUR WAY

Wing Nuts


What we see today, Friday, October 9th, is that the Republicans in the House of Representatives are engaged in national blackmail. Personal extortion.

We don’ t mean holding up the country in order to get the party’s way. 753 more words


Saturday Open Thread

Happy Saturday one and all!


President Obama: “There’s a reason fewer Republicans are preaching doom on deficits—because the deficits have come down at almost a record pace, and they’re now manageable. 41 more words

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Obama puts feds behind efforts to save pollinators

In our super-polarized political environment, here’s an issue that should unite Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, lefties, wing-nuts and all manner of thespians:

President Barack Obama… 2,241 more words


Bridgegate Makes Chris Christie MORE Popular With Tea Party

Interesting catch by Jonathan Bernstein (and a tip of the hat to Kevin Drum) for Bloomberg. Chris Christie’s approval rating has risen ten points among self-described Tea Party members since the Governor’s litany of scandals began. 203 more words


Wingsnuts ENRAGED With Coke, Because Freedom

It seems as if this country is so polarized, that we cannot even have a major NON-POLITICAL event without something becoming politicized in the course of the action. 449 more words

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