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Why I Can't Stop Thinking About Potter and Hunt

It is not just their unusual manner of death, flying near 100 mph headlong into a granite massif, hundreds of feet above the iconic, beautiful and serene Yosemite Valley, the two men each in a silky synthetic wing suit and a parachute folded on their backs, that keeps me thinking about Dean Potter and Graham Hunt. 1,171 more words


The Gift of Capturing Joy

I knew Niccolo was going to need an outside videographer for the tv show series Liftoff and I couldn’t miss the smile a psych that would come along with seeing one of my best friends do his first ever wing suit BASE jump. 394 more words

This is one way to get the best view of Switzerland

Brandon Mikesell gracefully maneuvers through the mountains of Switzerland via wingsuit.


Just Cause 3 trailer

While there isn’t any gameplay, we get to see the direction of the title set to Torrim Florim’s “Firestarter” and a next gen look at Rico. 38 more words

Red Bull

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with Red Bull.

I decided to use Red Bull as my company because I have always been so intrigued by their adventurous, wild campaigns.  143 more words


Jump Off a Cliff

It amazes me when I see guys dressed in a suit with wings jump off a cliff and fly like a bird. This video depicts exactly what I am talking about.


Dario Barrio dead: Spanish TV chef killed in base jumping wingsuit crash

Barrio died while base jumping at an air show in Spain

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Spanish television chef, Dario Barrio, has died after his parachute failed to open during a wing suit jump on Friday. 219 more words