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"It'll be fun," they said.

Grow up and become and adult, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

False. Where’s my blankey?
I’ll be in my fort.
Coloring. 762 more words


It is possible.

I’ve seen a few parents on my Instagram page wondering if it’s too late for/plausible for them to go back to college to follow their dreams/get a better career. 280 more words

So sometimes you need people.

So there I was. I remember when I first became unwell I was scared to tell my friends, my family. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know how to say it. 773 more words

First Time Mum

Just wing it #AtoZChallenge – Peculiar ‘Pen fellows’ – Quirks only a writer can understand

Just wing it

Winging it, going with the flow, letting the characters move us – that’s sometimes how it works. Granted, there are times we need to plan a little, some of us even have a comprehensive breakdown. 115 more words


So when you become unwell and you don’t really recognise yourself…

So there I was. I didn’t really realise but when I was unwell I don’t think I looked very well physically. 222 more words

First Time Mum

So do you do these things too?

So here we are. So as a parent I seem to have shortened everything to make it sound more…fun? I don’t even know. Everything has a nickname or a different name?! 237 more words

First Time Mum

Easter Rocky Road...

Easter is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but it’s yet another fab excuse to stuff my face with chocolate, ha! I made some Easter treats and thought I’d pop the recipe on here for anyone interested – I say recipe but it is basically just chucking stuff in a bowl together which I love! 279 more words