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Try This at Home

Despite squirting minced onion juice directly into my right eye, I am having a pretty good day.

Recipes to me are mere guidelines, and unless I’m feeling particularly sad and vulnerable and morose and unsure of myself (man, why would anyone try to create something feeling like that?) I like to wing it and see what happens.   312 more words

Just Now

About the First Debate: Vice President Biden Cuts to the Quick.

I didn’t watch the first debate between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Monday nights are my early-to-bed nights. But frankly, I was not keen on watching the… 125 more words

Joe Biden

18. Employee Orientation.

Soon enough the introductory workshops ended and it was time to move on to ‘the next level’.

It had been perhaps a couple of months now shuttling to and from the improv venue. 512 more words


17. Focus on the here and now.

I bump into Jay at the exit of the train station prior to our second improvisation lesson. We had to cross a pretty busy road to get on the right street. 773 more words


15. Yes, and...

I took my cousin’s advice and sent the email.

Two weeks later.

I curse myself for wearing the wrong shoes.

I am running so late and I am desperately trying to find the venue. 470 more words


Writing as Improv

First, a suggestion: If you are a hopeful writer in high school or college, the absolute best advice I can give you is…

Take theater. 864 more words

On Writing