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Days 1-3 Kuala Lumpur, the sights and sounds

Kuala Lumpur is an eclectic mix of the chaos of Bangkok to the north and the order of Singapore to the south. Edginess, mischief and adventure can be found in Kuala Lumpur if you look hard enough but the chilled local vibe is never far away. 1,137 more words

what angels do

It’s been a year since I’ve blogged, a lot has happened since my last post – but I’m not gonna dive into everything at once. Like people do, I got carried away in other aspects. 978 more words


Venison Pie

So a week after baking my first ever venison pie I’ve finally found the time to sit down and actually write Type the recipe out. 664 more words

Mummy Blog

Trust your instincts!

After picking Heidi up from nursery on Monday I was told she was itching all over and asked if she was allergic to her sun cream, knowing she isn’t I said no, to nursery it looked like “prickly heat”, so I went straight to the chemist to get some ointment to sooth her itching. 215 more words


The Antidote To Childhood

As a kid

I saw adulthood

As the antidote

To childhood.


I keep looking

For the sign up.

I think I missed it.




Life Chatter

Four years on ...

Where did those four years go …..

This photo popped up on my memories and got me thinking … Less than two weeks after J arrived . 652 more words

One of THOSE days.

Some days are perfect. You get your hair done, maybe even apply a little lippy (or a full face if you’re lucky) you get breakfast, lunch, a warm cup of something and manage to look some kind of presentable in clothes untouched by food, snot, sick or milk. 552 more words