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18. Employee Orientation.

Soon enough the introductory workshops ended and it was time to move on to ‘the next level’.

It had been perhaps a couple of months now shuttling to and from the improv venue. 512 more words


17. Focus on the here and now.

I bump into Jay at the exit of the train station prior to our second improvisation lesson. We had to cross a pretty busy road to get on the right street. 773 more words


15. Yes, and...

I took my cousin’s advice and sent the email.

Two weeks later.

I curse myself for wearing the wrong shoes.

I am running so late and I am desperately trying to find the venue. 470 more words


Writing as Improv

First, a suggestion: If you are a hopeful writer in high school or college, the absolute best advice I can give you is…

Take theater. 864 more words



“You can do anything if you put your mind to it” is a quote that I have taken quite literally.

“I could be a blogger! I am going to start a lifestyle blog about travel/adventure, and parenting.” I have started my blog, and I enjoy writing my blog. 471 more words

Grown Up Time

Having it together is only a concept.

As the title suggests, having it together in life is only a concept. A dirty lie. Do you want to know a secret? Nobody truly knows what they’re doing. 211 more words