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Well, that was a long gap.

I think I’ve discovered the problem with keeping new release announcements and promotions to my newsletter, and only posting personal projects and the like here on the blog: 99.999% of my projects are work-related, I don’t often get time to spin, and so there’s not much to say a lot of the time. 288 more words


No Spoilers

In 2015, I did a road trip out west. I knew that my destination was going to be Salt Lake City, UT, and I would be going up to Yellowstone on my way back. 565 more words


Seeing the Plank (or, "How I Realized I'm a Judgmental B****")

Sometime over the course of this pregnancy, I grew a plank in my eye.

I know it happens to everyone–I mean, that ish is contagious–but I spent a little time this morning meditating and doing yoga and I realized that there it was, front and center, its splintery rough edges propping me up like a leg stand in my crow pose. 695 more words

Becoming A Mother

Coordinated Clothing

Today I am placing coordinated clothing in my ‘fuck it’ list. Actually I’m placing ‘giving a shit’ in it, but that’s a bit general & would probably be the end of my blogging. 303 more words

Embrace Yourself

Nailing It

Visiting the salon for a new ‘do and gel nails too last week, my stylist asked what colour I had in mind. “Oooh, just a shade which makes me look like I’ve got my life together”, was the answer I gave. 277 more words



So, my blog. Basically the purpose of this blog is to embrace the things that we can’t always change. To say – ‘You know what, fuck it’. 326 more words

Embrace Yourself

Knocking the Nerves

I had an accident in 2015 and it still affects me to this day.

I think about it alot. Without running the risk of sounding dramatic, it has changed my life. 505 more words