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Being defined is never easy: Hipster horticulturalist or Astroturfer?

I’ve recently found out that I fall between two camps – in gardening terms that is. This is something of a hot topic in our house since our garden is currently undergoing a somewhat substantial make-over from a cracked concrete postage stamp with numerous weeds spiking through the fissures to (we hope) a bijou urban patch that calls out for lounge chairs and early evening cocktails. 600 more words


Let It Happen

We were all traveling to Milwaukee for Germanfest. It’s Wisconsin. You zip in. You zip out.

Being uber prepared and inpatient I wanted to purchase tickets online. 143 more words


Writing a death scene isn’t easy

You know one of your characters has to die. The plot demands it. So how do you write the death scene? This is what I did in… 147 more words

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Winging it.

I want to blog but I have no idea what to actually blog about. I have a severe case of writers block so consider this to be me winging it. 373 more words


Winging It

Quite possibly my most annoying trait to other people, and yet one thing of my life that I absolutely love is my ability to live life with minimal plans and on the fly. 562 more words


Things We Ran Out of at Work Today

Oof, today’s is… harsh. Our ice machine broke yesterday morning, so we’ve been basically winging it for two days now. And it’s a tourist part of town, it’s a heat wave, and it’s a holiday weekend. 48 more words

What We Ran Out Of At Work Today

Winging It. It is what it is. Get over it.

I get strange emails. People look at the cover of Winging It — it’s clear enough, isn’t it? Two young men, naked. on a bed and about to kiss each other. 1,236 more words

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