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Offended offenders — the joke is on who, exactly?

We hear it all the time: “How dare you call me racist! I don’t hate anyone! I was just making an observation.” And there’s: “It is so rude of you to call me a homophobe! 1,227 more words


Wingnut Opportunity

While visiting the Itasca Building downtown right before touring the Star Tribune, I passed by suite 133. Inside suite 133 is Wingnut, a company that creates any and all media formats of advertising for their clients. 148 more words


TANGENT COLLECTIONS: TMNT Playmates Wing-nut (1990)

The last time I held a Playmates Wingnut figure in my hands is back when it was first released around 1990. My TMNT mad mate came over one day and had a bunch of new figures, and Wing-Nut was the one that most captured my attention. 1,413 more words


Returning to the Moon: Vertical Assembly Scaffolding

Having constructed and used authoring folders for Hexo a few times now, I see that it would be good to start with a clean slate. I will work forward from the default setup until I have a customized blog theme that satisfies my needs. 269 more words


Returning to the Moon: Launch-Pad Repaving

I’ve demonstrated two important end-to-end capabilities for migration to static generated blogs.

  • A Hexo authoring folder can be customized for replacement blogs that, when generated, can be uploaded to my webserver along-side the legacy blog content that I want preserved.
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The long, lonely death spiral of the anti-gay defenders of “traditional” marriage

So the so-called National Organization for Marriage hosted an event in Washington, DC that was supposed to be a March for Marriage (as a protest against Marriage Equality), and the attendance was even worse than last year: … 922 more words


Confessions of an unrepentant rationalist

Bryan Fischer hosts a show on the American Family Association’s (a certified hate group) radio network, and is frequently referred to as a former AFA employee (though all that really happened was that his official title of Director of Issues Analysis was revoked after he made some ridiculous comments about the Jewish religion being counterfeit—literally the day before 100 members of the Republican National Committee were being flown to Isreal at the expense of the AFA; Fischer still receives a salary from them, so the firing was a sham). 1,426 more words