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Devils in very poor disguises

It’s been a while since I’ve written about James David Manning, the “pastor” of the infamous Harlem hate church with the notorious hateful church sign… 810 more words


If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck...

So I’ve seen some admonishments going around along the lines of, “stop calling everyone who disagrees with you a Nazi!” and other variants of the good ol’ Godwin’s Law1. 1,729 more words


Pat "The Bunny" And Freedom: A Genealogy

Pat “The Bunny” is one of the most interesting artists in the folk punk scene, if not in the entirety of modern music. He’s an enormously intelligent individual that has had a very unique trajectory through life. 1,769 more words

Folk Punk

Mountaineering monkeys and shy Sika

Well not exactly monkeys but sure footed Lundy goats, who seem to defy the normal laws of gravity. They somehow perch on sheer granite cliffs with a laid-back approach of a Beatnik in a coffee shop; and all to munch on some tasty lichen. 145 more words


Fire Retardant Malfunction will be my queercore cover band name

I had planned something else for my next post, but then this news story crossed my twitter feed Friday afternoon: A Mysterious Giant Foam Blob Is Taking Over A City… 494 more words


Getting indicted, still faking it (badly), & other weekend updates

I’ve written a few times before about the poorly-closeted former Congressman Aaron Schock. He’s in the news again this week, but you may have missed it among all the other crap: … 933 more words


Funny Things Said By Wingnut

This is an old post I never published from 9/9/11. Wingnut was four.

  • While watching x-men at the part where the beast survives the plane crash he said, “Cats OK!”
  • 37 more words