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Funny Things Said By Wingnut

This is an old post I never published from 9/9/11. Wingnut was four.

  • While watching x-men at the part where the beast survives the plane crash he said, “Cats OK!”
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Three months later, Pulse shooting still a gut punch

Three months ago, an angry homophobe walked into an Orlando, Florida gay night club and murdered 49 people, wounding 53 more. It was a Saturday night during Queer Pride month, and it was specifically Latinx Night at that club. 1,246 more words


Why thoughts and prayers are worse than inadequate

When horrible things happen, the first reaction of some people is to say that their thoughts and prayers are with who ever is suffering because of the events. 551 more words


Weekend Update 6/11/2016: His idea of ethics is disobeying the law

Alabama is a mess. Yesterday the Speaker of the House was found guilty of 12 of the counts of corruption out of the 23 he had been indicted for: … 888 more words


Which part of ‘love thy neighbor’ confuses you?

Lots of us have been predicting that there would be many, many more of these so-called “religious freedom” laws passed with an intent to discriminate against queer people, and that there would be more of the anti-trans bathroom bills passed in states since the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. 1,031 more words


Confessions of a godless (-ish) homo devil

World Net Daily has the headline (here’s the DoNotLink if you want to see it): “These are the most godless cities in America,” and I was a bit disappointed to find that my beloved home, Seattle was merely tied for second, falling behind Portland, Oregon. 790 more words


Let's do this together...

Greetings ladies, gentlemen, divorcées, and any other wingnut who might find this helpful.

I’m Penelope Lipschitz, The Divorced Idol – the smartest (and drunkest) human to have ever navigated through a foul split, a move, and naturally, a divorce. 45 more words