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Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - special Trumpcare edition

Oh deary deary deary dear. I was watching the Trumpcare falboat set sail Friday afternoon, and idly wondered how it was playing in the land of the Freep. 1,642 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

Making sense of nonsense

Here’s a great analysis of how Trump managed to back himself into this corner and take the rest of us with him.  That he’s a flimflam man is something almost no one — except about 20% of the U.S. 133 more words

Porch Lights Out

Weekend Update 3/25/2017: Fake healthcare, fake dealmaker

It was always unlikely to pass both houses of congress, but the extent to which Donald and the Republicans bungled this should be that big a surprise. 582 more words


The Fake News Wars

I’m in a lot of anti-Trump Facebook groups.  A lot of them.  And something I’ve noticed recently is people who, without bothering to research, shout “fake news!” when someone posts a news or opinion article to one of those groups. 701 more words

Caffeinated Squirrels

A little ah-HAH moment

I’m guessing this is why the Trump administration just planted a story in the National Enquirer blaming Flynn for all that pesky Russia stuff:

Palmer Report

Caffeinated Squirrels

Life in the S#*%-storm

I haven’t been writing because of security concerns, and because I’ve been ill at the thought of somewhere around 20% of the U.S. population being stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump.  1,948 more words

Caffeinated Squirrels