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"Good Guy with a Gun" of the Week

This week’s “Good Guy with a Gun” award goes to one Matthew A. Crawford of Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Some of you may recognize the name from his previous bout with fame when… 429 more words

Batshit Insanity

Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - the terrible two edition

Morning, good people!

Well, I knew that Free Republic is very Trump-friendly, but it’s starting to look pretty one-sided.  The Freeperati have been running their own poll periodically to ask the members who they intend to vote for. 1,342 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

Weekend Update 2/6/2016 - Can love conquer hate?

I’ve been talking about it and linking to the stories about it all week. The infamous Harlem church with its even more infamous hate-spewing church sign has been ordered into a foreclosure auction due to over a million dollars in unpaid utility bills, plus ten of thousands in unpaid building permit-related fines, and hundreds of thousands in tax-related liens. 498 more words


Standout rookie returns to Wingnuts bullpen

WICHITA, Kansas –  In the world of sports the difficulty in transitioning from one level to the next is well-known. Whether an athlete is advancing from high school to collegiate athletics or taking on the professional ranks for the first time, a period of readjustment is expected. 277 more words


Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - one-man revolution edition

Well, people – it looks like American Revolution II (the sequel) has kicked off in fine style.

As has one of the squatters. (I won’t dignify that bunch of rejects and wannabes with words like “militants” or “terrorists”) 1,502 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

Weekend Update 1/30/2016 - Making things beautiful edition

Not all of the good stuff makes it into Friday Links each week for various reasons. And sometimes more information about something I did include comes in afterward. 687 more words


A Preview "Wait, What?"

So I have some interesting things planned for the next couple weeks as I bring the blog back from the dead for the Presidential election season, including an article using an infographic/advertisement in a way I am fairly certain the provider of said “adver-graphic” never intended, but I thought I’d toss out a late Friday night “Wait, What?!?” to check out the new layout and see how I like it.  355 more words

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