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Oppressed Oppressors, part 4

I always regret giving in to the emails, pokes, not to mention questions directly from some of my relatives about looking at Facebook1. The most recent example of why I shouldn’t look at Facebook wasn’t the crazy anti-immigrant meme that one of my cousins was sharing, it was the commentary he made along it: that it’s wrong to let these foreigners into the country, especially while treating good Christian white guys like him as a minority in his own country. 1,073 more words


What goes into creating an "Obsession" post

Hi, good people! Ms. A has given me permission to take a mental health day (week). Here’s what prompted it:

In the middle of a “Kill all the ragheads” thread… 360 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

The red cup is already silly old news, but it’s more than a joke

The accusations about the Starbucks red cup that were recently put forward as further evidence of the so-called War on Christmas are funny and ridiculous. The entire notion of a war on Christmas is ludicrous to the extreme. 1,242 more words


Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - Dance Of The Commodeians edition

Well, folks – the filters are starting to get clogged up again with body parts from the advocates of The Darnold versus those of Dr. Jonas Sulk.  1,204 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks


So the “compromise” the Pennsylvanian GOP is apparently willing to pass through the gerrymandered to hell and back PA state legislature is a fucking treat.  From what I’ve been hearing, Gov. 713 more words


Trying too hard to proclaim oppression...

When my husband asked me yesterday if I heard about people being angry about Starbucks holiday cups, my first thought was that people were upset because it’s too soon to be doing Christmas stuff. 439 more words


Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - you're no Carson of mine edition

Wow, constant readers – the Ben Carson campaign has really blown up in recent days.

And by “blown up” I mean:

Let’s look at how the pyramid scheme played out in Freeperville, shall we? 3,688 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks