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Beats X: Sleek earbuds with great sound

Since Apple bought Beats by Dre back in August of 2014, they have worked to improve the headphone and earbud brand into what it has become today. 575 more words


Let Me Tell You About My Robot Pants

Just writing the title of this blog post got me singing like Butters in one of the best episodes of South Park ever, so while I try to get that catchy song out of my head let’s talk about this outfit! 327 more words

Gorgeous wingtip boots to fantasize on.

From semi-brogues to  full brogue down to the swade outlook, these boots make a complete fashion delicacy. Boots express a lot about your sense of fashion., based on the type,they pronounce your personality. 12 more words

This Week


The red grapes hung heavy and juicy over the dining table. They were of the pithless variety which I loved and seemed like the very first bunch from Eden too good to be found even in Bacchus’ backyard. 545 more words


Feel The Magic of Red and Brown

Did somebody say Red and Brown? I instantly imagined how I could perfectly combine those colors into a appealing masterpiece. hahaha (Evil Laugh) lol

Take notes, and let me know your thoughts on my masterpiece! 13 more words


Know What to Wear Where and When and Win

Yes, that is a tongue twister if you say it 10 times fast. And, no, that is not a typo. Knowing what to wear where and when so that you will win in the professional world. 420 more words

Strengthening Your Brand