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An Early 1920s Possibility

[1] Location ~ Britannia Village: London Ambiguity

Fighting the madding crowd at The Mens Department, we almost didn’t give this suit a second glance. Upon consideration, however, we have determined that it is not a bad option for effecting an early 1920s aesthetic. 117 more words


#TBT! My First Photoshoot / Who is Mr. Wayne

This is a #tbt kind of post for today. These photos are taken way back, I think it was around last summer. It was memorable because it was my first time doing a photoshoot. 248 more words


Introducing Septieme Larguer

While scrolling through The Style Tudors Facebook page, I saw these awesome Septieme Larguer wingtips. I had not heard of Septieme Larguer which means Seventh Width in French. 226 more words


Suiting challenges

Location: Black Hole, Britannia, London Ambiguity

Gents suitings, ah gents suitings. If one looks at the old fashion illustrations and in films from the late silent and early talkies era, one will notice that men’s sport coats and suit jackets were cut long, in some cases almost approaching mid-thigh. 526 more words

Urban Day Wear

Little brown suit

Location: Bryn Oh

In theory, dressing men in SL in early 20th century period appropriate clothing shouldn’t be that difficult. With a couple of suits and a handful of separates, most chappies would be well content. 188 more words


The chalk or pinstriped suit

Location: The North Pole

The ‘classic’ double breasted pinstriped suit with elevated waistline and short lapels that most readers may be thinking of didn’t really come into being until the 1930s. 452 more words