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tut-tut / it's spring (haiga)

Linked to Carpe Diem #695, where “Fashionista” was our prompt.  The first haiku seems to be the “better” of the two – but I like the second more.   43 more words


3/14/2015 - Wingtips and Brackets

We glued up the left wingtip today. We had to put some shims on the spars to make it all fit snug, but it will all be very stiff once all the epoxy dries. 496 more words


3/11/2015 - Wingtip Prep

The composite layup came out great on the main wingtip spar. It didn’t work out quite as well on the rear spar. The top and bottom of the rear spar had bubbles and part of the carbon had separated from the wood. 166 more words


3/1/2015 - Wingtips

We finally got far enough on the wingtips to be able to dry fit all of the pieces on the wing. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pics, but there will be some upcoming. 148 more words


Wear That Wing.

Okay, so both Reagan and I LOVE our winged eyeliner. Reagan NEVER leaves the house without it. She’s rubbed off on me, because now I’m so used to wear it, sometimes it’s weird not to. 48 more words


Our Yellowest Shoes

Location: L’Arc-en-Ciel, Winterfall

“Jeeves,” I said.

“Sir?” said Jeeves. He had been clearing away the breakfast things, but at the sound of the young master’s voice cheesed it courteously.

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Urban Day Wear

An Early 1920s Possibility

[1] Location ~ Britannia Village: London Ambiguity

Fighting the madding crowd at The Mens Department, we almost didn’t give this suit a second glance. Upon consideration, however, we have determined that it is not a bad option for effecting an early 1920s aesthetic. 117 more words