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The Order of the Winking Skull Ch. 1: Some Tavern, Somewhere

At a table in a tavern in a town in a country whose name possibly begins with a B, although I could be wrong, I sat with the group of adventurers who would become the most infamous guild in the land, the Order of the Winking Skull, although I wouldn’t get the chance to become a part of it. 776 more words

Winking Skull

When Life Was Young


This old worn out guitar
won’t let me go near as far
as that beautiful winking star In the moonlight it seems
I’m forever tied to dreams… 48 more words

Reader's Choice

Cultivating natural, routine self-care is not something that comes from within, it’s a matter of harvesting the best ideas and making them work for us. If left to my own devices, self-care would be a bag of Ruffles, two pedicures a month, a bottle of champagne to myself, and a new wardrobe. 653 more words



He gave his girl a wink
She cheesy grinned back at him
Sometimes the planets aligned
It all made sense

the time
the place
the high from the drink… 137 more words


wink, flirting, pierce the veil, winking, piercetheveil Gif For Fun

wink, flirting, pierce the veil, winking, piercetheveil Gif for Fun at your Time


winking over a cup

what is the eyes

and how they tend to follow

what makes the scent do desireable

one moment

and thus the very next

said it was forgotten… 44 more words