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Windows Phone 7 teaser arrives

We are getting so close! Windows Phone 7 is almost here and Microsoft wants to remind everyone it is coming. Microsoft’s new teaser for Windows Phone 7 does make it look somewhat exciting. 111 more words


Windows Phone 7 heads-up browser Battle with Nexus One, iPhone 4

In what is an impressive first appearance and noted – not the final software build of Windows Phone 7 test of the browsers between all three phones. 47 more words


Windows Phone 7 LG E900 makes video debut

Spotted in YouTube by the guys at wmpoweruser, us the LG E900, the QWERTY-less cousin of the LG C900, which will likely be destined for Europe. 16 more words

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ASUS Windows Phone 7 shows up in Pakistan

We don’t have much information on this but to say that what you are looking at is an ASUS handset running Windows Phone 7. It made it’s appearance somewhere in Pakistan via… 41 more words

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[Video] Windows 7 tablet holds own and then some against iPad

In this amazing almost five minute long video, we see a Hanvon Slate PC go up against the iPad. What do we get? A pretty decent side by side comparison of these two going at it through a multitude of apps and programs. 45 more words


[Video] Windows Phone 7 makes public debut

Although this was done at gdgt in Seattle on 7/27/2010, plenty of good indications of how the new Windows Phone 7 are going to turn out. 82 more words

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