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Canadian Wrestling's Elite

One rainy September evening I met my good buddy and longtime wrestling fan, Dustin Giroux, to venture deep into the recesses of Transcona. We got coffees and boarded the 47 bus — most people’s only portal to Winnipeg’s most notorious borough. 442 more words

'No trail beats me. I'm going back': Manitoba premier opens up about getting lost, injured in New Mexico desert

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister choked up Tuesday as he recounted a harrowing night in the New Mexico desert that left him lost, wandering and with a broken arm. 667 more words


Nonsuch - Saison

Local beer business is booming. We are seeing more in the way of beers being brewed, distributed and consumed. So, I’m pretty excited that Nonsuch… 616 more words


Welcome to your (Dangerous) new home!

So this post might sound like a doom and gloom sky is falling post. But hear me out! There’s some really good information in here about protecting yourself and your loved ones in your new home! 380 more words

Super Gamer Episode 63 1/3 - JimCon

Winnipeg’s annual tabletop gaming convention, JimCon, was this past weekend. I did a bunch of investigative journalism — found out what’s REALLY going on (turns out they’re playing board games and having a great time). 29 more words