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“ride her, winona ryder! ride that bitch”

throw bits of embroidery string and monopoly money
falling erratically into the cavern beneath my feet
streaks of lightning fall onto winona… 153 more words

100 Poems For 2015

Siouxsie and the Banshees Club-Nite

If you had a downtown area getting rehabbed and revitalized, much like our own Central West End it would be host to a lot of clubs and small businesses. 233 more words

Reality Bites (1994)

There are times when I am convinced that Ethan Hawke has sold his soul to the devil.

A mediocre actor with an unimpressive physical appearance and a limited emotional range, he has had a long, and successful career in Hollywood. 1,594 more words


Editor's Pick: A Slinky Slip Dress Worthy of Any '90s It Girl

Growing up in the 90s, I was always in awe of the decade’s coolest girls—Winona, Gwyneth, Kate, Sofia, Carolyn—who regularly stepped out in slinky slip dresses… 159 more words


The F Word!

I’ve dealt with a lot of shit at my job. As you, all might have had at your own jobs. I mean who hasn’t been yelled at by a customer. 356 more words

Fonzie Did It

Why Johnny Depp had to Marry Amber Heard: A Tribute to Depp’s 90’s Muses

Before Amber there was Winona, Kate and Vanessa…

What did Johnny’s exes have in common besides their waifish figure and childlike beauty? They were among the most talented and influential artists of their generation, disrupting the 90’s film, fashion and music industry. 935 more words