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Season 1: The Weirdo on Maple Street

Summary: The Party brings Eleven to Mike’s house. The next day, Eleven tells Mike that she can’t be discovered.  She mimics a gun being pointed at her head and then points it at him, as if to say, “If they find out, they’ll shoot me. 563 more words



If you’re like most people, you eeped with joy at the trailers of Stranger Things: Season Two. Especially if, like most people, you found yourself binge-watching season one when it was released on… 471 more words


Little Women (1994) Is Our Aesthetic

It’s December, and our choice aesthetic is the 1994 adaptation of Little Women: earth tones, plaid dresses, candlelight, roaring fires, Winona Ryder’s bob, Meg upstaging Queen B Sallie Moffat in the blue afternoon dress, surprise pianos and a lot of quilts. 1,030 more words


Stranger Things: Season 2

Am I stretching myself too thin by adding in TV reviews as well? Yes, yes I am.

2 Strange 2 Things, the follow up to the ludicrously well-made first season, premiered on Halloween. 368 more words

Science Fiction


Heathers is possibly the darkest teen movie ever made. a young teen decides to leave her snobby, popular group of friends using an unconventional method, through the framing of their suicides. 691 more words

Season 1: The Vanishing Of Will Byers

Summary: One night in 1983, a young child known only as Eleven escapes the Hawkins National Laboratory. The scientists pursue her, but they are stopped by a mysterious force. 271 more words


6 Reasons to Watch 'Stranger Things' (Season 2 - SPOILERS)

She’s baaaaaack.

Netflix original “Stranger Things” unleashed a spooky second season just in time for Halloween. If ’80s throwbacks and a mountain of nerdy Easter eggs… 673 more words