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Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Based on the autobiographical novel by Susanna Kaysen chronicling her time spent in a mental institution following a suicide attempt, Girl, Interrupted is not quite what you’d expect. 106 more words


Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula isn't...

Worth your time, that is, though it definitely would have been cinematically mindblowing when released in 1992 (or so the Ministry assures me).

It shamelessly invents an entirely new storyline of how Mina Harker (Winona Ryder) is actually somehow a new incarnation, or doppelganger, of Dracula’s (Gary Oldman’s) long-lost wife from five centuries beforehand. 634 more words


# 415 - Heathers

So it’s the 80’s and Veronica (a very young Winona Ryder) is one part of the most popular foursome at school, The Heathers.
Heather, Heather and Heather make up the rest of the gang, obviously. 104 more words



The early to mid-1990s was a period of time when popular culture was dominated by Generation X, from films like Richard Linklater’s Slacker (1990) to Douglas Copeland’s book, … 2,402 more words

Film Review

Winona Ryder in Stranger Things

Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine lead the cast of Stranger Things, a new 1980s-set TV series which debuts on Netflix in July. 76 more words


Tim Burton says Beetlejuice sequel could still happen but 'it has to be right'

We admit, we’ve become a little confused by the rumours surrounding the Beetlejuice sequel. One minute it’s happening with all the original cast on board – the next minute it’s not. 387 more words