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Celebrities Who Have Regretted Dedicating A Tattoo To An Ex

A number of big name stars have learned the hard way.  The difference between love and tattoos is that tattoos are forever.

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Our Love is God. Lets Go Get A Slushie- Heathers Style Inspiration

Greetings and salutations…

I enjoy getting outfit inspiration from films. Mostly 80-90s movies such as pretty women, clueless, pretty in pink the list is endless. I really enjoy watching a movie that you can get excited thinking about what a character is going to wear next and planning on how your going to recreate this look! 154 more words

Stories and cigarettes ruined lives of lesser girls

“Strange Condition” (live) by Pete Yorn
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Review: 2017 'Little Women' Masterpiece Theater

My Review on the latest adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’

by Brandy D. Anderson

I just finished all three parts of the new Masterpiece Theater adaptation of ‘Little Women’. 2,517 more words

Beetlejuice 30th Anniversary

Tim Burton is one of the most visually distinctive auteurs in the history of film. From Edward Scissorhands to Corpse Bride, his visual style is full of over-the-top juxtaposition of color and pattern, and his storytelling is dark, yet whimsical. 586 more words


Destination Wedding: Official Trailer - Keanu AND Winona OMG!

Its about two middle aged people invited to a wedding who are both still edgy, with a bit of that ol’ Gen-x attitude. Think Winona’s character in Reality Bites. 232 more words

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