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Closing secondary windows when main window is closed in UWP

In UWP it is not possible to show multiple windows for a single app. Depending on the usage, the user might expect secondary windows to close once the main window closes. 188 more words


ANSI / ISO C Standard Library e UCRT / CRT no Microsoft Windows 10

RogerVillela Journal – Education for Programming with the Microsoft Windows Engineering

A standard library na linguagem C são funcionalidades disponíveis através de qualquer implementação de um compilador para as linguagens de programação C e C++. 264 more words

C Programming Language

Finding system fonts for use with XAML UWP app #uwpdev

Back in 2011 in my early days of Windows Phone 7 development, I created Alarm Clock app. Over a period of time, I upgraded it to SL8x and made it available on Windows 8x devices. 268 more words


Experiments with Shared Holographic Experiences and AllJoyn (Spoiler Alert: this one does not end well!)

NB: The usual blog disclaimer for this site applies to posts around HoloLens. I am not on the HoloLens team. I have no details on HoloLens other than what is on the public web and so what I post here is just from my own experience experimenting with pieces that are publicly available and you should always… 3,583 more words


Using Composition Animations in your #uwp app

As we speak a new version of Daily Mail Online is being published to store. I am not going to discuss the content rather stick with code. 608 more words


All new Daily Mail Online #UWP #Windows10 app now available in store

In November 2015, I joined MailOnline and created their first Windows Phone and Windows 10 app. It was a standard XAML app following MVVM pattern etc etc. 297 more words


More on #UWPCommunityToolkit CacheBase #uwpdev

In the first version of UWP Community Toolkit, we only had ImageCache which had its origin in Windows App Studio. A few issues were raised to optimise it and one mentioned extensible cache that can be used to create any case. 252 more words