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[Winphone 8.1 - WinRT] About compress and convert image to base64.

I had find some library for this and I see Lumia Imaging SDK for it but at a time I used it, it only support for chip ARM (not debug or build with any chips). 382 more words


Drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1

Many had asked on how do we create a drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1. It is very simple, in fact the code to get it done is exactly the same as that for Windows 8.1… 281 more words


[WinPhone 8.1 - WinRT] Show content wrap in ContentDialog

This is small problem when I program 1 app on Windows Phone Universal (WinRT) 8.1. With long content, ContentDialog won’t show content warp as MessageDialog… 432 more words


Connecting a Windows Runtime/Store Application to a database, and manipulate data using the Entity Framework.

In my previous post, I showed you how to use the built-in Entity Framework to create a connection to a database, either an existing one, or one added programmatically. 1,968 more words

Entity Framework

Adding content to your XAML controls / behaviors / dependencyobjects

I’m all in for clean, readable and non-redundant code. For JavaScript, C# and XAML alike.

So instead of writing XAML like this :

		<myNs:MyItem Text="Item 1">
					<myNs:Child Text="Child of Item 1"/>
		<myNs:MyItem Text="Item 2"/>
		<myNs:MyItem Text="Item 3"/>
… 708 more words

Caliburn Micro Part 7: Basic Dependency Injection With WinRT and Phone 8.1

This tutorial is mostly targeted at Windows Phone development but most of it will carry over to Windows 8 store apps and to a certain extent, desktop apps. 266 more words


Leaving HomeGroup in Windows 8/7 and deleting non-existing user names in "Shared with" menu

If you decided that you no longer want your computer joined to HomeGroup and it failed in previous attempts or you see non-existing user names in HomeGroup then do the following: 148 more words