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All new Daily Mail Online #UWP #Windows10 app now available in store

In November 2015, I joined MailOnline and created their first Windows Phone and Windows 10 app. It was a standard XAML app following MVVM pattern etc etc. 297 more words


More on #UWPCommunityToolkit CacheBase #uwpdev

In the first version of UWP Community Toolkit, we only had ImageCache which had its origin in Windows App Studio. A few issues were raised to optimise it and one mentioned extensible cache that can be used to create any case. 252 more words


VideoCache #uwp #uwpdev

Earlier today (10 mins ago), we were discussing looping animated previews (rolling video frames) for articles and that maybe we should create a cache to prevent it being downloaded over and over again. 238 more words


Diving deep into C++ /CX and WinRT | Build 2012 | Channel 9

Learn all about the new component extensions to C++, that help target the Windows Runtime Library. Learn when to use WRL directly and when to use the components extension. 15 more words


Media playback controls and strange behaviour of transport controls #uwp

Windows 10 WinRT API introduced ability to query whether a certain class, method, property etc were supported during run-time or not. This would allow applications to conditionally do things rather than crashing out due to unsupported API. 5,479 more words


Support for calling more operations on GanttChartView component for UWP

We’ve just released a new Windows 10 UWP-based build for DlhSoft Gantt Chart Modern Library (WinMD). The package includes GanttChartView and ScheduleChartView components that, as before, reuse the JavaScript components from… 137 more words

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Windows 10, 1607, UWP and Experimenting with the Kinect for Windows V2 Update

I was really pleased to see this blog post;

Kinect demo code and new driver for UWP now available

announcing a new driver which provides more access to the functionality of the Kinect for Windows V2 into Windows 10 including for the UWP developer.

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