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Windows 10 UWP, Intel RealSense SR300, First Steps

I’ve been waiting a little while for the new SR300 RealSense camera to show up from Intel and mine got delivered the other so I thought I’d write an initial post having played with it for around 30 minutes or so. 2,208 more words


Windows 10, UWP–The ‘Automatic Photo Booth’ Hands On Lab

A few weeks ago, I wrote a hands-on-lab for one of the shows that we were attending in the UK and I thought that I’d share it here in case; 289 more words


Windows 10, UWP and SpeechRecognizer with a simple SRGS Grammar

A comment flooded in to the blog from my reader asking for a UWP speech demo using an SRGS grammar. It so happens that I’ve got one or two of those kicking around and so I simplified one of them down to the example that you see running in the video below; 887 more words


Windows 10, UWP, A Little More OCR

I shared this picture on Twitter of a little demo that I was writing for a talk where the PC (via the web cam) was reading a page of text; 193 more words


Band 2 SDK Update–Tile notifications in the background

Following on from my first post on Band 2 development, I noticed that the Band 2 SDK had been updated.

The new capability that interested me is one that’s been added whereby a UWP app can receive tile events from a Band 2 even if the foreground app isn’t running. 1,323 more words


Speech Recognition and Identification with Windows 10/UWP and 'Project Oxford'

This post is a direct follow-on from this earlier post which I wrote just 2 weeks ago about how ‘Project Oxford’ has preview APIs that can be used to verify that a piece of recorded speech belongs to a particular (pre-registered) speaker. 346 more words