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Windows 10, UWP and Experimenting with Inking onto a Map Control (Updated)

Just a quick update to this earlier post;

Windows 10, UWP and Experimenting with Inking onto a Map Control

I got some feedback on that post from a few different places and people pointed out that I could have made more of ‘option 3’ in that post where I’d tried to overlay an…

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Preview, Visual Layer–Mocking Up the Lock Screen

I wanted something relatively simple to experiment with using some of the things that I’d picked up about the Visual Layer when writing these posts; 1,836 more words


Windows 8.1, WPF, Kinect for Windows V2 and (Not Quite) Skeletal Fingerprints

This post is just to share some code that I wrote quite a while ago for fun.

At Microsoft’s UK campus there are some corridors that have gates which allow people to freely walk in one direction but which only allow people with the right ID cards to go in the other. 1,634 more words


Frosted Glass Behavior

This is a xaml behavior that can be added to a panel or a border element that makes the background have a transparent frosted glass effect using Win2d and XAML Behavior. 45 more words


Windows 10 Anniversary Update 14388, UWP, Visual Layer–Offsets on Preview SDK 14388

Just a small thing but I’m posting it here in case it helps anyone else. I spent a good few ‘minutes’ trying to figure out why this piece of XAML; 770 more words


Customise Scroll Bar in #uwp

Controls like ListView / GridView contain a ScrollViewer which hosts scrollable content. The ScrollViewer contains two ScrollBar controls one for each scroll type (horizontal and vertical). 1,506 more words


Windows 10, UWP and Composition– Experimenting with Interactions in the Visual Layer

I wanted to experiment with how interactions work in the Visual Layer and so on the November update of Windows 10 (10586.x) I made a new, blank UWP app with a MainPage that presented a green rectangle as below; 1,649 more words