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MQTT & Eclipse Paho : new releases for M2Mqtt client and GnatMQ broker !!

Finally the new M2Mqtt 4.1 version is out !

In the last months, my library was under pressure thanks to my friends Olivier Vigliengo (from Adeneo) and Nicolas Besson (Microsoft MVP on Windows Embedded, from Adeneo). 172 more words


Binding to Enum in Universal apps with localization

When we work with enums, we may want to display description messages associated to symbolic names. For example, suppose we have the following model in our app that uses the MVVM pattern: 469 more words


Rendering a PDF document from a URL (WinRT)

Please note – This is the simplest code scenario that I have explained, further additions like zooming in/out can be added as well. This post outlines merely rendering the PDF, and is most suitable for sized PDFs (in terms of pages) as well as for those PDFs which have mostly Image content. 313 more words

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Taking a screenshot by code in Windows Runtime [Part 1]

Hi guys! In Windows Phone Silverlight taking a screenshot programmatically was pretty easy, and I have a solution here you can go through to see it. 580 more words

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Howto: download image, save as file, read file, display in XAML (WinRT, Universal Apps)

I’m currently implementing a caching layer in a Universal App that needs to cache images, and I had a difficult time finding any good complete examples demonstrating this only some very spread out bits of advice, so I’m posting a stripped down solution I’m using here to hopefully help the next person! 438 more words

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Adding Polylines to Bing Maps

Hi guys! Sometimes its useful to point out certain areas or paths of a map with polylines or polygons. Bing Maps gives us this abilty to add them so we can draw routes, shapes, or pretend there’s traffic by coloring it green or yellow…(the world is our oyster). 304 more words

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A decent ISupportIncrementalLoading example for Windows 8.1 (Phone, WinRT)

I’ve been looking for good example of ISupportIncrementalLoading and i’ve found most of the examples to be either incomplete or not suitable for an MVVM scenario. 1,071 more words

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