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Adding Polylines to Bing Maps

Hi guys! Sometimes its useful to point out certain areas or paths of a map with polylines or polygons. Bing Maps gives us this abilty to add them so we can draw routes, shapes, or pretend there’s traffic by coloring it green or yellow…(the world is our oyster). 304 more words

Windows Phone 8.1

A decent ISupportIncrementalLoading example for Windows 8.1 (Phone, WinRT)

I’ve been looking for good example of ISupportIncrementalLoading and i’ve found most of the examples to be either incomplete or not suitable for an MVVM scenario. 1,071 more words

Windows Phone Runtime

An improved NavigationService for MVVM Light in Universal apps

Some times ago we talked about the new NavigationService that has been introduced with MVVM Light 5.

The implementation for Universal apps is very useful as it covers all the basic needs. 190 more words


Reading QR codes in WinRT (Tricky.)

Since the CameraCaptureTask is missing in Windows Phone 8.1, one needs to implement the entire camera task from scratch, right from identifying video controllers present on the device, to capturing the photo/video using MediaCapture. 349 more words

App Development

Full screen Flyout on WinRT Phone 8.1

Flyouts in WinRT are a way for you to add additional information to FrameworkElements in a modal way.

They can be used for various reasons : 1,460 more words

Windows Phone Runtime

Asynchronous Unit Testing and the UI Thread

This topic is going to be geared toward WPF, Windows Store and Windows Phone, but for the purpose of easy to read code and getting the main point across I’m choosing to use code examples that compile for Store and Phone. 2,624 more words


Responsive Universal Apps

If you’ve ever developed an application for Windows 8 and Windows RT, you enjoyed a development experience that was seamless across a range of device types, from ARM tablets to x86 tablets to desktop PCs.  725 more words