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WinmdDiff 1.4: to diff or not to diff?...

I’ve updated WinmdDiff to version 1.4 (x86 | x64) with a single new feature: if you don’t provide an “old” folder, the tool dumps the public types and members of the .winmd files in the “new” folder.

No big deal.


Using Reflection in WinRT

Last week I run into a stone wall when trying to reach a private property on a third party component that I was using on a Windows Store app project. 745 more words

Saving UI element as jpeg for Windows Phone 8.1

This is an follow-up of the Drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1

Assume that the content that is needed to save into jpeg is in a scrollviewer, the below would be the implementation on saving the content. 250 more words


Custom async events in C#

Async/await is arguably one of the most important language improvement to ever come to C#. But there are a few notable gaps that can leave developers scratching their heads.  589 more words


Prevent XAML designer and editor error caused by viewmodel initialization

The viewmodel’s constructor are being used by the designer to show some design time data. If the constructor has some dependencies that cannot be resolved, we can get an error in the xaml editor or designer. 242 more words


How To Implement SQLite Column Encryption in Windows Phone & WINRT

Security is critical element in Mobile application development. How application secure the user data is very important. Today Mobile hackers can easy access your application storage files using different tools.We can’t prevent mobile hacking but we can provide data security in various levels. 418 more words

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