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Custom async events in C#

Async/await is arguably one of the most important language improvement to ever come to C#. But there are a few notable gaps that can leave developers scratching their heads.  589 more words


Prevent XAML designer and editor error caused by viewmodel initialization

The viewmodel’s constructor are being used by the designer to show some design time data. If the constructor has some dependencies that cannot be resolved, we can get an error in the xaml editor or designer. 234 more words


How To Implement SQLite Column Encryption in Windows Phone & WINRT

Security is critical element in Mobile application development. How application secure the user data is very important. Today Mobile hackers can easy access your application storage files using different tools.We can’t prevent mobile hacking but we can provide data security in various levels. 418 more words

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Windows IoT Core and M2Mqtt ... a simple marriage !

“Hello, Windows IoT Core” as Steve Texeira wrote few days ago !

The last stable release of the new IoT (embedded ?) OS for makers (and professionals ?) is out but of course I couldn’t wait the last days to start using it so I already played with it in a lot of demos and sessions code. 1,152 more words

[Windowphone 8.1 - WinRT] About connect client server in Winphone 8.1

Maybe I have mistake but the problem I show after, it had drawn from my experience.

First, we have 2 libraries to use HttpConnect: one is… 445 more words

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[Winphone 8.1 - WinRT] About read and write file in winphone 8.1

It’s simple problem but have a litter confusion if you can’t notice it. It about local to write file!

In winphone 8.1 have 2 local storage: 220 more words

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