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Windows 10, 1607, UWP and Experimenting with the Kinect for Windows V2 Update

I was really pleased to see this blog post;

Kinect demo code and new driver for UWP now available

announcing a new driver which provides more access to the functionality of the Kinect for Windows V2 into Windows 10 including for the UWP developer.

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Windows 10 1607, UWP, Composition APIs–Walked Through Demo Code

I’ve written a few posts about the Windows 10 composition APIs for beautiful, fluid, animated UX gathered under this URL;

Composition Posts

and today I was putting together some demo code for other purposes and I thought I’d screen-capture what I had as a walk through of…

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Windows 10 1607, UWP and Project Rome–Transferring Browser Tabs Across Devices

I was inspired by this article that I saw on the Windows Blog in the past week or so;

Cross-device experiences with Project Rome

to revisit ‘Project Rome’ that I’ve had a look at in these previous posts;

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Windows 10, UWP at UK Future Decoded in November

At this year’s Future Decoded event in a couple of weeks I will be speaking with the half-man-half-sofware-legend that is Andy Wigley on the topics of developing for Windows 10 and the UWP in the Anniversary Edition (1607) of Windows. 81 more words


Windows 10 1607, UWP and Background Media

It’s been a while since I looked at background audio/video in a UWP app – perhaps long enough ago that I was still talking about Windows 8 and I was working in HTML/JS at the time I wrote this post; 474 more words


Windows 10 1607, UWP and Extended Execution

I had a feeling that I’ve written about ExtendedExecutionSession before and I know that I spoke about it in a session that I did on background work in WinRT apps that I delivered back at TechDays in the Netherlands in 2015. 1,250 more words


Windows 10 1607, UWP, Single Process Execution and Lifecycle Changes

I wrote a previous (now out of date) post about the changes that come with implementing background tasks in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition here;

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Preview–Background Tasks…

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