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[Windowphone 8.1 - WinRT] About connect client server in Winphone 8.1

Maybe I have mistake but the problem I show after, it had drawn from my experience.

First, we have 2 libraries to use HttpConnect: one is… 445 more words

Winphone 8.1

[Winphone 8.1 - WinRT] About read and write file in winphone 8.1

It’s simple problem but have a litter confusion if you can’t notice it. It about local to write file!

In winphone 8.1 have 2 local storage: 220 more words

Winphone 8.1

GnatMQ out of beta ... now it has a first stable release !!

Finally GnatMQ was out of beta and released as stable with it’s first version !

In the last period I received a lot of good feedbacks on GnatMQ by more companies that are using it with good results. 105 more words


[Winphone 8.1 - WinRT] About compress and convert image to base64.

I had find some library for this and I see Lumia Imaging SDK for it but at a time I used it, it only support for chip ARM (not debug or build with any chips). 390 more words

Winphone 8.1

Drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1

Many had asked on how do we create a drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1. It is very simple, in fact the code to get it done is exactly the same as that for Windows 8.1… 281 more words


[WinPhone 8.1 - WinRT] Show content wrap in ContentDialog

This is small problem when I program 1 app on Windows Phone Universal (WinRT) 8.1. With long content, ContentDialog won’t show content warp as MessageDialog… 432 more words

Winphone 8.1

Connecting a Windows Runtime/Store Application to a database, and manipulate data using the Entity Framework.

In my previous post, I showed you how to use the built-in Entity Framework to create a connection to a database, either an existing one, or one added programmatically. 1,968 more words