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ROYGBIV Is In the Hizzy

I can rant for a solid thousand words on why I hate winter—and, while throughout my blog there is similar rhetoric, and most likely has already surpassed one thousand words—I have decided to skip past the frustrated foreplay and nose dive right into the solution. 232 more words


Music is my soul!

He’s killin’ em!

Bonus bots:

There’s a few robro doodles of bots with shovels or being bundled up. Um, it gets cold around here. Anyway.

Comic Strip

Some days turn out better than expected

Generally I am a glass half full type of person. This week I am struggling with a cold and with a full diary, which is preventing the recovery time I need. 347 more words


Recharge Your Heart Chakra

In the dead of winter, I deeply miss the color green. Gone are the lush leaves and green grass. In their place are brown branches and white snow. 206 more words


I interrupt this blogging

I was going to write about my all inclusive trips. I’ve had two. I’m not going to tonight. I may just leave that one unless somebody requests it. 648 more words

Mom Life

Early Out

The kids had another early out today due to inclement weather. We were already on our second reschedule for this round of overdue haircuts, but I figured we wouldn’t be getting out to brave the road conditions. 1,471 more words


Dear Diary, I'm Madly In Love With Houseplants

How One Plant Slowly Becomes A Jungle

I spent so many years of my life resisting the idea of indoor plants. I love being outside in nature, but the idea of bringing it all indoors never really appealed to me. 636 more words