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house plants to help fight the winter blues

It seems like the entire population has decided that September 1st was the start of fall this year. I get it, we all want something to look forward to and pumpkin spice lattes, candles and holidays that involve a lot of eating in cozy clothes are just what the doctor ordered. 471 more words

Self Love

In the thick of it

I began sharing my personal experiences of mental illness, specifically, depression, earlier this year. Prior to that I mentioned it once or twice, but didn’t feel comfortable to talk about it any further. 202 more words



It doesn’t fit any diagnostic criteria that I’m aware of, but occasionally I suffer from something akin to a ‘micro-depression’, lasting a day, maybe two… 30 more words


Winter is Coming

OK, so ignore the obligatory Game of Thrones referene – it’s just…an obligatory Game of Thrones reference ๐Ÿ˜‹

But while the UK summer (and hasn’t it been stunning!?) has more embers to burn, the Geese have started to fly over our house, which signifies that seasonal change is afoot, and brings home to roost a gentle, but discernible sense of melancholy. Winter really is coming.


Sad as night

Here I am, once againโ€“ not on the brink of a Kelly Clarkson karaoke sesh, but at my love’s workplace, watching him pour caffeinated beverages for the sleepy tradies of Southside. 464 more words



Is anyone else really struggling this Winter…. or should I say this Australian Winter? Unless you are one of the many followers on my Instagram feed making me cry with jealously each day as you soak up the sun in Europe (Although in saying that I will be that person next month). 528 more words


Dull View

Day’s gloom on display
dirty window doesn’t help