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Essential Oils that Beat Winter Blues

It’s been a cold and snowy winter here in Canada this year, and we still have a few months left to go until Spring.  A combination of factors contributes to what is known as “winter blues” or “seasonal depression”; the top factors being the weather, lack of sunshine, and flu season. 563 more words

Cozy the way the Scandinavians do it.

As the winter blues start to hit us, it’s time to look for something to help us enjoy the winter again.


I live in Canada where the winters are long and cold (or even longer and colder the farther north you live) and the winter blues (AKA seasonal affective disorder) are a real thing. 341 more words



It is -7 degrees Fahrenheit here today, not counting wind chill, and it took me quite awhile to defrost my windshield this morning due to a thick layer of ice under the snow.  234 more words

Window Box Blues

Not possessing a green thumb, my window box has not fared well this past year. Every few weeks I’ve been forced to replace poor, dead plants with new ones in an effort to keep the winter gloom out of my small London flat. 86 more words

Daily Musings

Experiencing Winter in Healthy Ways 

By Mandi Dalicandrio

For some, winter evokes the visualization of a warm cozy fire, and the sight of a freshly fallen snow. For others, it’s contending with months of the rigid cold, darkness in the early hours of the evening, months of long nights, and the occasional icy conditions. 1,796 more words

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Handling the Ups and Downs of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Despite a little snow Tuesday morning there’s hope! We could see 40s to 50s this weekend.

But if all of the up and down temperatures are affecting your mood lately, you could be among many with Seasonal Affective Disorder. 558 more words

Luzerne County

Got the Monday Blues?

Today is Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year.

You might already feel blah because it is Monday but to top it off,  you’re probably feeling a little more down in the dumps because 1. 506 more words