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Spa in Austria

Austria offers an amazing variety of activities during winter, of which my favorite is spa. Being famous for the thermal baths, there are many hotels that have their own spa and wellness center. 494 more words


February is all about . . .

. . . cherishing the things you love most.

There is something special about February. It’s a month full of anticipation, of small joys, and of secret wishes. 203 more words

Simple Pleasures

Bird Watching With Remy & Alfie

Yesterday we went our little park.  It’s where we like to go for a little break from the day.

It’s been warm these past few days.  80 more words


#Januaryfalls18 22. Winter's Crown

The floor is freezing under my bare feet

I can’t find a carpet anywhere so I just

bundle myself with the blankets

and forge ahead towards the sink. 46 more words


Let It Snow...But Just a Little

Winter Storm Inga made its way through our part of town today.

She was a nice Swedish girl and didn’t over stay her welcome.  We got about 1″ of snow and it’s fairly warm (34 degrees) so it wasn’t a mess out there.  25 more words

Bjorn Maelstrom

Stream of Consciousness Writing For a Winter Day

This morning I feel like I am just spinning my wheels.

Flitting from project to project and not focusing or getting much done.

I do have things to do, too. 172 more words


Goodbye Old Year!

Christmas morning arrived with a soft fog hanging over my neighbor’s pasture—I can’t resist a foggy morning. So, at about 5:30 am, I threw on my robe, grabbed my camera and made my way to the fence, closer to where the cows grazed. 361 more words

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