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A Nugget of HOPE!

Sometimes you have to stretch your faith and be as tenacious as a robin standing on ice covered ground. His tenacity reminds him that the ice and snow will melt and that the soil will once again warm up bringing with it new life. 34 more words

Winter Days - It's gon' snow!

Here is how I feel about winter:

Once January is over, without any major event or hub-bub, it’s over. For me, it’s over. Winter has had its chance to make a mark and if it fails to do so that’s just to bad. 1,018 more words

These Are Days

Friday Photography: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

More cold, more snow. I’d say all I want to do is climb under the blankets and quilts and hide until Spring, but that’s not true. 102 more words


Don't Forget the Flowers

What brightens your spirits in the middle of winter?  My secret pick-me-up is a stop by the supermarket floral department (Trader Joe’s is my absolute favorite).   409 more words

The Daily Bucket

I Told You!

I said I would, and I did – and just in time, since there’s really cold rain with some icy bits falling outside now!

My hikers on the bike path in all the melt this noon… with my feet in them! 355 more words


I'm Afraid

I have been lying awake in bed the past couple hours with thoughts running pell-mell through my mind.

Outside, rain has been plipping and plopping against the windows and on the pavement – rain that was predicted as heavy snowfall. 484 more words

Cold Cold Day

Friday Photography: Tiny Snowballs

The cold rain yesterday turned into freezing rain, which turned into little ice pellets sometime during the night. When I went outside this morning to feed the birds, I immediately came back in to grab my phone for a few shots of this: 99 more words