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Dreaming of snow

I’m dreaming about snow. I know what you’ll say; it’s only August, enjoy the heat while it lasts. Snow will be here soon enough. Well, whenever the temperature starts to drop from it’s summer peak, when the car steering wheel is too hot to touch without gloves, my thoughts turn more frequently than usual to the mountains in the west. 646 more words


The Heat Problem

Its not even winter and here I am discussing heat, or rather how to get heat into the car. For ICE vehicles its easy: the ICE produces so much extra heat that they just funnel some of that into the car. 447 more words

Ford Focus Electric

Tips for Safe Driving on Snow and Ice

How Not to Handle a Skid

The front tires of this Chevrolet Suburban lost grip and the driver made the common error of continuing to turn the steering wheel. 1,866 more words

Driving Tips

Was it Divine Intervention? (Part 1)

It all began on a Friday. I was in the thick of 8:45 a.m., rush-hour traffic… en route to my Community College. The light falling snow was just beginning to taper off. 836 more words


So we got some snow this morning

Not much, but some.  When I got out to Basil this morning, there was a couple of inches of snow on everything, so I had to clean off the car a bit before I drove to work.  64 more words

And I almost put away all the winter stuff, too

The weather recently has been a lot warmer, for the most part.  It feels like spring is already here.  I have been able to wear shorts a few times.  178 more words

The Good, the Bad, the Frozen

In need of adventure? Tired of all-inclusive, hot holidays where you never see much, other than the beach in front of the hotel? Here is a quirky idea for fellow Canadians. 819 more words