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Fiery Sunset

I saw this beautiful, fiery sunset at the end of the parking lot when I finished shopping at Kroger.   It almost looks like the sky is on fire. 85 more words



There should be a name for the color of the particular blue deepening into purple-black indigo of winter evenings, especially as a day of snow slips over into sleet. 178 more words


Cold Blue Winter Evening and Skyline 4 Way Chili Spaghetti

Although it was cold, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue.  I took this picture from the parking lot of  Skyline Chili in the small strip mall between Wells and Sherman Streets near Glenbrook Commons and the indoor ice rink that was built-within the past 1o years. 209 more words

Fort Wayne

Creek Crossing


Walking up the hollow and back, a peaceful two mile walk that takes me up a narrow, twisting, steep one lane dirt road along a steep, narrow, rocky, plunging creek that empties into the bigger creek we live next to. 252 more words

Magic Moments