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Book season! and a green smoothie

So when’s your book season?

Nah, there shouldn’t be a book season, because all seasons are book seasons!
But you know, when it’s starting to get really cold outside, and you get all comfy in your warm bed with a good book (or lots of books) and a cup of tea… yeah, that’s the season right now. 210 more words


There are never toys that's scattered everywhere...

I have been away for what seems like forever. I’ve had good reason though. Going through the last few weeks of pregnancy were no walk in the park, and then giving birth and having a new tiny human have been no small task either. 191 more words


The Time Is Now

If you don’t see or think that there have been drastic changes in our seasons and weather patterns then you are **CHOOSING** to be ignorant. There were only scant yearly differences prior to the industrial revolution and it keeps changing as we go along. 62 more words

Earth News

Cold Weather, Warm Hands

Good afternoon,

I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday.

By Winnipeg standards, we have been lucky to experience such beautiful weather thus far, but winter is sure to creep in eventually. 146 more words

Massage Therapy

Winter is coming

For a Game of Thrones fan,what to be more appropriate than a personal hand painted t’shirt with winter is coming?  You can wash it in the washing machine at max 40 degree delicate circle or by hand. Iron medium inside out.

Hand Made

What To Do On a Snow Day?

We just had our first snow of the season here. I guess elsewhere people had a snow day. Must be nice. Or is it?

I never really know what to do on a day off. 163 more words


Pink december

(RO) It’s that time of the year! AGAIN!

Încă nu știi dacă ești încântat(ă) sau nu. Știi clar că în jurul tău sunt numai colinde (sau Mariah Carey, care îți spune că și Crăciunul ăsta tot pe tine te vrea), a început să miroasă a brad (sau pin, sau molid…hmm, coniferele astea întotdeauna te-au dus de nas!), vitrinele se întrec în strălucire (nu știi înca dacă să le încadrezi la… 988 more words