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The Approaching Winter

Yes, this post was nearly titled ‘Winter is Coming’.


Let’s not deny it. She’s coming alright. It’s hard for me to sit out here on the porch, I wonder if this cigarette is worth it. 186 more words

Cat Photo

Avengers: Infinity War - A Movie Review

I went to see Avengers: Infinity War this afternoon.  I am writing and posting this review so that you don’t make the same mistake I did.  1,547 more words

Bad News Everyone!

#GHgot: The North Remembers

The people of the north will never forget their contributions to the history of their land. 616 more words

Ghana's Game Of Thrones

#GHgot: The Long Harmattan

Harmattan is Ghana’s version of winter. Not unlike Ned Stark’s Winterfell, the dry, dusty winds that blow from the Sahara desert bring very unlikable comforts. 429 more words


3 Ways The Wrong Relationships Can Cost You Greatly

Relationships. They’re one of the greatest gifts we have. They are the basis of our communication, the backbone of our fondest memories, and the fuel of life itself. 1,192 more words

Living in Kentucky

You may be shocked to find out that most of Kentucky’s residents have all their teeth, believe in shoes, and do not marry their sisters. 333 more words


Dreaming Of A White . . . Spring?

It’s very Christmas-like in Pittsburgh this morning, with snow-covered treetops and landscape, and still more snow falling. Too bad it’s March 21, and officially the start of spring, rather than December 25! 93 more words