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Onwards and Upwards

So some things are starting towards a change for the better. I’ve so far managed to get my licence back and an applied for an 18+ card. 204 more words

WHY?! - Season 2 Episode 6

Maester Lewin sends off warning Ravens to let the army of the North know that Theon Greyjoy and the Iron Born are attacking Winterfell. Theon lured the defense of Winterfell away from the castle with an attack on the nearby Torrhen Square. 745 more words

Game Of Thrones

Repercussions - Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4 opens with Robb attacking a Lannister encampment and winning a battle. Lord Bolton (FUCK YOU) subtly tries to tell Robb to execute prisoners and torture the officers for information about Tywin’s battle plans. 1,209 more words

Game Of Thrones

Choices - Season 2 Episode 3

Craster catches Jon Snow spying on him and demands the Nights Watch leave immediately. Jon finds out the Lord Commander knew that Craster was sacrificing his sons to the Whitewalkers and can’t understand how he would allow this to happen. 1,379 more words

Game Of Thrones

Winter is coming

Not. It was about 100 degrees yesterday, she’s just being a drama queen. She’s one of those people who look out the window and see rain and clouds and assume they need stockings and a jacket to leave the house. 11 more words


Winter is Coming

Some may have read the title to this article and assumed that I was confused and in need of a calendar. But for those whom the title made perfect sense you are either: 1,550 more words


Day 8 mate...

I have three more weeks to go – well, two weeks really, Easter falls within my notice period. I feel calm and panicked about leaving my current job – calm because it will all be over soon; and panicked because there is so much to do. 81 more words