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5 Ways To Stay Fit For The Winter

Around June, people sign up for the gym to try and attain that sexy body for their holiday in 2 months time..

…which is all fine and good, but why is it that nowadays that’s the ONLY time people want to keep fit? 611 more words


'Wave goodbye to Summer' Wednesday

Okay, I am totally guilty of alliteration abuse to suit my own purpose, I know – so sue me – (Please don’t – it’s just a figure of speech) but I just… 797 more words


Fly Away Home

Harvest comes later this year

combines in the field

separate soybeans from chaff

thrash the corn

aphids go down with the stalk

imported Japanese beetles  26 more words

Winter is coming!

It’s always a good idea to learn about what to do to prepare your home for the winter.

Here are some brilliant ideas from LifeHacker: How to properly De-Ice Your Home… 164 more words


Hen Pecked

Maybe it was only a matter of time, but the Dashwoods finally figured out that the purple things growing in the garden were cabbage. They have for weeks been passing them by as something of no interest. 431 more words


Radical Face with Aisha Badru at The Kessler Theater

Friday, October 13th, Radical Face made their Texas debut at The Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff. Ben Cooper, originally from Florida, shared that this would be his very first time in Texas, in the Dallas area, and their first stop in Texas on their 2017 tour. 344 more words


Winter is Coming

Yesterday was Friday the thirteenth, and I can be a little superstitious sometimes, so I was wondering what kind of bad luck could come up. It´s been an incredible autumn, a season we Icelanders aren’t so used to having, so basically it seemed like an endless summer. 433 more words

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