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Paradise Valley Ice Formations aka Tripp Falls Ravine

We took a drive down to Devil’s Punchbowl and Paradise Valley to check out the ice. Not much going on at the Punchbowl but the warm weather and running water at Paradise Valley produced some nice edge ice. 60 more words


Ice Formations Willow River State Park

We drove over to Hudson, Wisconsin to check on conditions at Willow River State Park and to see if the Trumpeter Swans were still around. The Swans were gone as was the ice on the river. 85 more words

Winter Photography

From My Basement Window at Canadian Hill Farm

When I first started photographing birds I had to do it from my basement window because I didn’t have the right lenses to photograph them at the feeders. 121 more words


Photography: Gentle Beauty Lingers in Winter (Part #10)

Lately, we’ve been having warmer weather, although right now the skies find themselves as stretched out grey masses hanging over tiny shelves of blue.  It is also supposed to be warm today, but I have to admit I love waking to a day where the sun shines bright, the sky is that beautiful shade of blue and the only clouds are a few, big puffy ones streaking across the sky.   151 more words


Northern Cardinals in a Blizzard

At least what passes for a blizzard this year. It snowed all day and we had some strong winds but only about 6 inches of snow. 37 more words



Walking on the path,

Immersed in the retreat

Of winter, hopeful

Immerse 6 more words

Winter at Amnicon Falls

As we were leaving Duluth to head back home we stopped at Amnicon Falls to look around. I didn’t think we would take any photos but this was the first time I had seen large amounts of foam at the bottom of lower falls.