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Breakfast Potato Skillet, Paul Simon, and Epsom Salts

It has been a crazy two weeks.   An impromptu trip to the emergency room (not that we usually plan this sort of thing!)  thinking my daughter broke her pinky finger when she got it caught in a door jamb took more of an emotional toll on myself rather than my daughter who quickly recouped and luckily I can report that nothing was broken. 899 more words

New Hampshire

Lettuce have some food!

Lettuce is in season right now which means you can find some really great deals. I purchased this head of romain lettuce from Whole Foods for $1.99, and believe me it really stretched throughout the week. 252 more words


Palestinian Couscous with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

What happens when you combine the cuisines of two rich Mediterranean culinary traditions? Nothing less than a fusion food delicacy. These are the types of dishes that I enjoy making for they journey me through time and space in a way that even travel can’t compete with. 233 more words


Green Apple Turkey Chili

This recipe is a hit with everyone who likes chili and a little heat. I am pretty sure the original recipe came out of a Rachael Ray magazine many years ago.  460 more words


From Belgium with love … Baked chicory in a cheese and ham sauce.

Chicory baked in a cheese and ham sauce is a big favourite in this part of the world. From January until the end of April the markets are full of farmers selling witloof, as it is called in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. 292 more words


Recipe: Beef and Guinness stew

It is cold in Scotland right now. Ok, it’s probably cold all over the UK at the moment but I am in Scotland and I am feeling it. 311 more words


A Healthy Winter Salad Recipe to Make Your Desk Lunches Less Sad

Hey there!

Finally, another savory recipe! I recently came up with a delicious winter salad, which just tasted so amazingly delicious, I can’t not share it with you. 649 more words