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January 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

This meeting was held at the Lyric Café in Clayton, and recorded by the scribe, Cassandra.

Held on: 1/14/17
Meeting opened at 4:03 pm

Present: Cassandra, Andrew, Grey Catsidhe, Ron, Michelle. 918 more words

Winter Zest: Japanese Yuzu

It is tōji; the shortest day of the year. The sun, which has brought a comforting warmth to the day, sinks below the horizon heralding crisp, biting air and hasty darkness. 417 more words


Another gift of another year...

For my teacher Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti…

Another Winter Solstice came and went

Another cosmic New Year unheeded

Another year our Sun to circumvent

Another of life’s chapters conceded. 305 more words


hold this image in the pocket of your heart

Actually, there are no photos to be found here. I instead wish to draw for you an image with my words and hope you can find it in your mind’s eye. 1,024 more words

Small Miracles

Egyptian Astronomy: 2. The Causeways of the Pyramids

Causeways and their Orientations

Causeways, now much in ruins, were once covered walkways leading from the east to the temples of the pyramids. They were beautifully decorated with star patterns. 509 more words


Egyptian Astronomy: 1. The Sphinx and Zep Tepi

Great Sphinx, Wikipedia

Monuments of Ancient Egypt

We, at Kanayama Megaliths, have been studying the Egyptian monuments in order to understand their megalithic calendar. The Message of the Sphinx has been an excellent resource.  507 more words