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Why mornings get darker after the winter solstice

It was the winter solstice in New Zealand this week, and from now on we’ll be getting longer days and lighter mornings.

Except, for a couple of weeks, we won’t. 436 more words


Happy Solstice!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Solstice, and that your celebrations have been filled with joy and peace. <3 We had our Yule Feast tonight, and I thought I’d be ~innovative~ and take a video of the decorations before dinner started. 98 more words

Midwinter in Antarctica with Roald Amundsen

With midwinter upon us and an ever-so-slight chill in the air, my thoughts go straight to the land of ice, where the darkest day of a four-month twilight darkness means so much – the coming of the sun. 1,696 more words


Bog-Standard Mid-Winter

Winter Solstice, and it’s been a week for crossing off a few inside chores. The depths of winter are good for that. Wardrobes have been tidied (why is it they are always the immediate answer to “where should I put this?”), accounts balanced and that cute-looking slipper pattern that’s been languishing in the depths of the knitting basket has been utilised. 278 more words

Union Homestead

Beira, the Scottish Queen of the Winter

When I first washed up on Scottish shores, the only folk stories I heard had to do with Haggis; no one around had any interest, or knowledge, of the Old Ways. 643 more words


The Shortest Day of the Year

Today is the shortest day of the year here in Sydney, Australia.  Sunrise to sunset from 7:00 a.m – 4:54 p.m. at 8ºC – 17ºC.  It is mild and the flowers in my garden are blooming regardless of being in mid winter. 100 more words


Summer & winter Solstice 2017

Summer & winter Solstice 2017

This is the culmination of all the high energies we have been receiving during the whole first semester. From this day on, it`s all about using those energies at will!

570 more words