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45 Days in the Sun

From January 11 to February 25 2013, a pinhole camera sat in a field near Budapest, Hungary, planet Earth to create this intriguing solargraph. And for 45 days, an old Antonov AN-2 biplane stood still while the Sun rose and set. 86 more words

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Christmas Festival versus Birth-of-the-Sun Festival


December 25 was recognized by the pagan culture as the birth of the sun. Also after the church formalized and began celebrating “mass”, the Dececember 25 was adopted by the Catholic Church to attempt to recruit the pagans into the church by utilizing their holidays and incorporate their dates and rituals into the Christian holidays to ease their transition from paganism to Christianity. 109 more words

Winter Solstice

Leo 1 (360-461) fought against birth-of-the-sun festival


Leo 1 (390-461)’s Sermon showed, Christmas originated in Rome pagan festival.

The truth

In fact, his Christmas sermon showed, Christmas does not originated in Rome pagan festival, because the sermon oppose and refute against the Solis festival. 761 more words

Winter Solstice



The river was time, flowing at a constant gently and inexorably moving forward seeing light and black along its path yet the stream just seemed to glide passed them as they stood seemingly still in time and space. 693 more words

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Winter Solstice in 1-5 AD centuries fell on December 19-23

Winter Solstice in 1-5 AD centuries fell on 19-23 of December. Look at the list below extracted from website www.timeanddate.com. This evidence stands against opinion, saying, Winter Solstice was the origin of December-25 Christmas. 1,129 more words

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

This solstice, an extra minute can bear for people many fortunes or ills;
And thousands of minutes of the absence that nothing else can fill, 127 more words