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La Para Dorada: A Great Traverse City Shovel Experiment Award

In my wheelchair on a snowy morning, I would, in past winters, take a breath and hunker down… preparing to take on not just the inches of snow but the traffic. 255 more words

Haiku #8

Birds wheeling overhead.
Clear grey skies, fresh winter air.
Calm. Perfect. Serene.


A Photo A Week Challenge - Spring

My mind was totally blown away from what I was seeing!

A garden filled with nothing but flowers of so many colors and shapes. I very much felt like this all is a big beautiful dream but it was nothing but reality. 96 more words


Finland - Sweden Cruise

Mariehamn, Finland

So… I decided to wake this blog up from death! There has been a few new readers (hello everyone) lately and I started to think that maybe you guys liked this trying to publish photo everyday idea? 41 more words


Roof drip and winter-spring

Winter suffered its final defeat the other day. Granted, it hasn’t been much of a winter at all compared to a normal year, but it’s still very clear when spring – actual meteorological spring – is about to arrive. 133 more words


Is It Really Spring This Time?

After several short spurts of Spring-like weather popping up over the past two months we all wondered if this was finally the beginning of the real transition from Winter. 75 more words