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Another Year

From being a city girl from my fingers to my toes, in just 6 months, I can’t even imagine my life without a spectacular view anymore. 459 more words


Photo 3

Photo: Alex Markovich.

Taken with Microsoft Lumia 550.


Shades of Gray

I wouldn’t be able to find the ole gray horse during a snow storm if he closed his soft eyes. :)
We have a few inches of snow on the ground and they’re calling for wind today. 61 more words


Winter's Breath

Winters’ Breath

Starting as it does, misted windows, still air,
Letting me know slowly quickening winter is there,
Feeling damp within warmed sheets, so clammy, 363 more words


22. winter's crown

the white encasing the road

mirrors the texture of the sky

my breaths are cumulonimbic

the buildings adorned with solid steam

in contrast to the gray from the ‘steam engines’ 78 more words

setting sun

setting sun
kisses cold western sky
clouds blush

The magic lasted only seconds, and this photo captures but a reminder of what my eyes saw. And still I’m drawn to it. 192 more words

Spiritual Formation


January … I have never been a fan of this month I call it my blue month😥 it’s a month that there is nothing to look forward to it’s a dreary cold or rainy month and I crave the sun. 44 more words