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Spending Spree

The excitement of actually planting our Inca Berry seeds inspired me to hit the web and have a lot at what else we might want to get planting! 486 more words


PanAway Essential Oil

The last few days I have been using PanAway Essential Oil on my hip and lower back. My fibromyalgia has flared causing inflammation, muscle tightness, and pain.  416 more words

taste testing

One of my goals last summer was to have plenty of options available for salad making this time of year. In general, to have anything in the garden ready to eat this time of year requires advanced planning – there isn’t enough light or warmth plus any seeds planted right now will probably rot, especially in my garden, since even the raised beds are goopy wet right now (my paths are so mucky they threaten to hold my boots with each step). 510 more words


Wednesday's Weeds: WINTERGREEN

(Gaultheria procumbens)

Tiny Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) shrub is easy to overlook in the winter landscape.

Probably one of the tiniest shrubs, we generally think of Wintergreen as an evergreen ground cover. 626 more words

Wednesday's Weeds

My Go-To Sprain Remedy

A while back, my daughter jammed her finger badly. I was sure it was broken. It began bruising and swelling instantly. We took her to the doctor and were told it was just sprained. 406 more words