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Red Arrow Root Beer

It’s time to be brutally honest. I wanted to give this root beer a 7 out of 10. Possibly even a 7.5. However, due to my complete lack of journalistic integrity, and even greater lack of a spine, I’m going to cave to my friend’s appreciation of this root beer and elevate it to a  286 more words

Root Beer

Capt'n Eli's: Root Beer [collab with TermiNatetor Kitchen]

Nose: Quite aromatic for a root beer. Big wafts of wintergreen and spices like anise and maybe nutmeg. Lots of vanilla as well. Lovely.

Taste: Wintergreen; cane sugar; creamy; vanilla; anise. 1,037 more words


Pain Blend

Want to stop that pain you have in it’s tracks? Try some of our High Powered Arthritis Blend with Clove, Wintergreen and Cinnamon. It not only smells delicious, it halts your discomfort! 50 more words

Indian Wells Brewing Company Special Reserve

I’ve been trying different root beers so long it’s hard to find something that surprises me. Well, hard to find something that surprises me in a good way. 388 more words

Root Beer

Tractor Root Beer

Tractor Soda Co. is a new brand for me, and it was different! I had really low expectations, but there was quite a bit to this. 173 more words

Root Beer

An Oil A Day >Day 25<

So one of my favorite minty smells of the winter is Wintergreen.  I don’t use this oil often, but it is always one I’m happy to have around.  221 more words

PanAway Essential Oil

Ever heard song “rain, rain, go away” ? If you are moms, high chance you know this song. Substitute rain with pain, and you know which oil I want to talk about. 390 more words

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