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Flash Back Friday Colorguard Edition

This is my first flashback Friday post! This week I want to talk about my favorite season of Winterguard! This was the 2013 season. Our show was Titled “You are my Heaven” and the song was Ron Pope’s a Drop in the Ocean. 448 more words


What is Colorguard?

This must be a question on your minds. Or at least a few of you. Marching band and colorguard are not widely known. More often then not we’re over looked as the “flag people.” We are so much more then “flag people.” 243 more words


Work or Winterguard PT 2

First let me express how sorry I am for not getting a chance to update until now. Obviously I completely overlooked how hard it would be to blog constantly while working and participating in guard. 962 more words


Equation of Beauty

Inov8 2015 Independent A winterguard I am super excited to be a part of this production. Inov8 is based out of Evansville, Indiana but we primarily practice in Floyd Knobs, Indiana. 85 more words

Dustin Everitt

Day 18

Sometimes when I say my life couldn’t get any more stressed out than I already am the world likes to prove me wrong. This week I have been trying  to get everything ready for the competition this weekend (which is tomorrow). 234 more words


Winterguard: Sport of the Arts

In high school, I was involved in marching band, along with thousands of other artistic teens with no life. (Just kidding – I totally had a life back then). 466 more words


Art and Suspense

My husband and I were driving to the family Christmas get-together when I put on some new tunes I’d discovered on Spotify and one of them happened to be the song “Something New” by Axwell Ingrosso.   605 more words