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WIPMarathon Complete: End of First Draft And Other Lessons

I finished my first draft early Wednesday morning, after SIX weeks of slogging through it!

Just typed THE END at 91K words! I'll still have to look things over before sending this sucker out to CPs but I'm sooo happyyy…

422 more words
DoT (my WIP)

A Very WIPMarathon Goodbye: WIPMarathon Check-In #4

*Takes a deep breath in* *and out*

Trying not to feel bad as I write this post. I mean, how can August be over already? 810 more words


I Write For Me First

Two days ago, I finished my first chapter for about the thirty-third time. No kidding. I’d written it from several different angles, although the first plot point remained almost the same. 324 more words

DoT (my WIP)

Sorry for the double posting folk. Sometimes I get too aggressive when in editing mode and decide to organize and clean.

Word to the wise. 27 more words

Random Musings From The Void

To change or not to change....I wish I knew the answer (or maybe I do)

For the past few months I have diligently been working on revisions to my first MS (Thus why I have been exceptionally bad about posting). Hard won editing victories, often overshadowed with frustrations at how much more I have to do. 611 more words

Random Musings From The Void

3 Reasons

I haven’t made a post for a while (hangs head in shame). A writing friend suggested a simple topic – 3 reasons – so I though I would use that to explain my absence. 605 more words


Sitting on your hands - Reading your work without editing

I have been married over 20 years and have three wonderful, although at times, tasking children (Four if you count my hubby and I often do). 323 more words