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WIP Wednesday: Preppy Plaid Pillow

(WIP=work in progress)

Brand new!  Hot off the pr . . . uh, sewing machine!

I just finished this late this afternoon, and I’m feeling all ready for summer now. 550 more words

WIP Wednesday-22nd March

I think this week’s WIP Wednesday needs to be renamed ‘Work in not very much progress Wednesday’. (I’m not quite sure how the acronym for that one works though, WINVP is pretty hard to pronounce!) I’ve been doing just about everything except crochet, although I did manage two rounds of the beautiful shells baby blanket. 44 more words


When Things Don't Feel Quite Right

Seems to happen when I feel like I’m being stretched too thing…ironically, I’m the one who does the stretching! No one else…

I was talking with my husband last night about it…my brain just seems full all the time. 359 more words

WIP Wednesday

my spring "making" project...

Some people love making lists. I am one of those people.

And some people love projects. I am one of those people too.

And some people love making lists and turning them into projects…and then inevitably fail to complete them. 752 more words


WIP Wednesday - Mandala Madness CAL

Happy Wednesday!

Yes, you read the title right! I’ve taken back my mandala madness! I am starting step 4 (I have done 2 row in red already) and I’m hoping to grow it more in the next few months. 78 more words


WIP Wednesday: Neverending Yarn

I’m hard at work on 2 blankets. The sock blanket is progressing at work because it’s small and I haven’t gotten around to finding a bag for the baby blanket. 211 more words


Work in Progress Wednesday 3-22-17: Not Losing My Marbles

I did a marble technique on the bases and then tinted them green with a Ghost Tint. The two larger bases will be used for basing Sandeep and Banasuva; I painted the small base to try out this technique on so that I wouldn’t screw up bases that I cared about. 261 more words

Works In Progress