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WIP Wednesday: Helix Nebula #5 & PDXstitch.net

Somehow the time just flies by when you’re finishing up school & hustling to get a new job at the same time! The past few weeks have felt like a blur (and I still need to put together a post with pictures from my Toronto trip!) but I have so much exciting news. 140 more words

Cross Stitch

Carols Work in Progress - A #WiPW Guest Post!

I don’t know about you, but I can often get into the mindset that “there’s time to do something later” and, as such, I put dreams and passions to one side… 1,253 more words


WIP Wednesday: Helix Nebula #4 & Colorwash Quilt

When this post publishes, I’m going to be sitting in the Portland airport on my way to Toronto, Ontario, to celebrate my birthday with my mom. 197 more words

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Fragglerockin's Mosaic in Progress! - A WiPW Guest Post

One thing I’m learning through Work in Progress Wednesday (WiPW), is that nothing is ever straight-forward; we all get side tracked, life always gets in the way. 1,504 more words


Angela Noel's Work in Progress - A WiPW Guest Post

One of my favourite topics to write about is the messages we weave into our work, be them intentional or not. Sometimes, the very existence of the work itself is it’s own message and, sometimes, that message becomes outdated and an ill representation of who we are. 1,714 more words


Work in Progress Wednesday - What it is and how you take part!

What is Work in Progress Wednesday and how do I take part?

Here on Clockwork Clouds I believe very strongly in sharing and inspiring, in encouraging others to create, and in learning through the experiences of those around us. 692 more words