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WiPW – NaNo Edition: Featuring Dominika

So, it’s midway through November, and it’s Work in Progress Wednesday (WiPW), so what could you want more than a motivational guest post from someone who is not only taking part in… 875 more words


WiPW - NaNo Edition: Featuring Cynthia

Welcome to Clockwork Clouds first ever Guest Post!

As you’ll have read I’ve been banging on about people taking part in Work in Progress Wednesdays – I posted… 1,163 more words


Sharing Inspiration.

How bored are you of hearing me harp on about inspiration? Not bored enough? Good! Because there’s more… So. Much. More.

Yesterday, when I was all hyped up on positivity (which, I still am by the way!), I alluded to having received interest for the… 204 more words


Work in Progress Wednesday (#WiPW) Application!

I’ve found the WordPress Blogosphere to be an invaluable resource for sharing knowledge and inspiration. I love reading the lessons people are learning, or have learnt, on their journeys and… 590 more words


Self-Telling Stories: WiP Wednesday #4

My story is getting longer.

Obviously you can tell that from the word count. It’s climbed to 12,000 now. Compared to last weeks WiP Wednesday… 587 more words


Becoming one with the Skeleton: WiP Wednesday #3

I’ve always known I wanted to “write a novel, but no matter how many times I sat down to start I never could. 371 more words


WiP Wednesday #2

Last week I vowed to do WiP Wednesdays; a day a week, here on the blog, where I would update you on the progress of my current Work in Progress (WiP). 676 more words