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It’s been ages. Between depression (finally got that stable thanks to the doctor), a sudden move (much more room but a ton of stress), and then Hurricane Harvey (Woo second floor apartment and perfect contentment to be stuck inside!) the urge to craft just hasn’t been around. 472 more words


Back to School

Writing Prompt from Poets and Writers Magazine: Back to School

Ms. Taplick took a breath and straightened her back, bringing herself to her full five-foot three-inch stature. 599 more words


Saltwater Saves

Saltwater Savior

It was the bird that saved her. The bird whose entire head was inside the little one’s mouth. The bird whose scrawny feet were just barely twitching as the little one suckled in apparent ecstasy. 448 more words


Co-Writing: the Early Days

As a part of an exercise with my writing group, I am co-writing a novella. My partner is amazing, by the way. A published author ( 270 more words


Creation and Recognition 

As an artist – writer, singer, photographer, dancer, etc – the most important piece of your process, the thing that gets you up in the morning, is the need to create. 66 more words


Hey, Wait a Darn Minute!

(A Still From The Forbidden Planet, 1956, from The Paris Review, Sept 13, 2016)

Hey, Wait a Darn Minute! You there, in the government. You’re screwing up the plot of my latest science fiction novel, the one I’m in process writing. 743 more words

Writing And Editing

I Lost My Side Characters

I’m writing a sequel to a book I wrote a while back, and for this one the plot circles around revolution and how the various characters respond to it. 311 more words