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WIP Excerpt


As she peeked over the window sill and looked out into the darkness, she got the unnerving feeling she was being watched.

-Amanda Hover

Finish Your Work

We all have files upon files of unfinished projects. For various reason we lose interest in whatever it is we’re working on. Family demands, work get’s chaotic, or we just lose motivation to work on that specific piece and before we know it it’s been shoved so far back on our shelves there’s a small village of dust bunnies living upon it. 835 more words

Mad Maggie Dupree - Update

The first book in my middle grade thriller series ‘Mad Maggie Dupree’ has an official release date. I’m looking over the final galley copy of my book and then it’s on to cover art. 21 more words

WIP Dairies: part six

All in all the past week has been filled with many surprises. From horrid car problems, to family concerns, and keeping my sanity in tact. With all these events I have not had the time I would like to write the past week, but I did find some inspiration. 371 more words


I’ve done more to this one. I’ve developed an aversion to the texture of canvas. I shall have to gesso and sand it down before I start any more.

Making Art

Why I didn't join Finish-A-Long this year...

Ever since the original quilting Finish-a-long started all those years ago, I have been a yearly participant. Even last year, while I never posted lists or linked up, I still participated in the list making and striving to get set projects done each quarter. 676 more words