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WIP: Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet, Pt. 1

Found a deal on a used lot of Dystopian Wars Federated States of America Fleet. Never played and not sure  I ever will, but the models tick all the boxes for making me want to get painting anyways: fleet game, steampunk, small scale, (mostly) resin, I’m a sucker for OOP and/or niche games. 46 more words

Current WIP

I feel like I’m nearing the end of my first draft of my current work-in-progress. The last – possible – third of it seems to be written quickly without much depth. 190 more words


It’s not easy for me to draw cloth with realistic shading.  I can get the basic shapes down, but I’ve always had trouble with figuring out light sources and keeping them straight.


Sandra [WIP]

An OC of mine from the Grand Order. This is an unfinished piece–I’m partially unsure as to how I’m going to finish it. Her hair is red–and part of me wants to leave the red as is. Still not sure.

Wounded [WIP]

I initially finished this art piece,  but, I’m going back to rework the background yet again.

Hold on My Heart

It is rare, so rare, that something random can lead to an enormous breakthrough in something you are writing. And yet that very randomness is almost some kind of weird cosmic force. 421 more words


Not Since High School


*Bats at cobwebs*

*Passes flickering flame over forgotten blog*

My goodness has it been a good while since I updated the old blog. It’s nice to see you all again! 454 more words