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Moving Right Along

Another scene from an ongoing WIP and continues on from Good Morning, Mother. Quinn Landon returns to work and updates her perky assistant on her meeting with Morris Dabney, not sharing with her the Ace she’s holding to force Oscar’s hand. 2,058 more words
Women's Fiction

Midas Hat Update

My Midas Hat has a brim! I was selected for the core team of an software implementation project at work. So this week I had two loooong days cooped up in conference room talking expectations, timelines and assigning project duties. 135 more words


My 2018 Writing Goals // finishing my first draft & my first time sharing my cringe-y old writing

I love writing posts about writing. Especially my own writing because although I get anxious about sharing my writing with others, it helps me a lot to get input from others about whether my ideas are actually good. 1,102 more words


How Much of Me Is in My Writing #MFRWAuthor

Do we write in order to fulfill fantasies and experience what we will never face in reality? Do we write to make sense of past problems or heal old wounds? 528 more words


Excerpt: The Clockmaker - The Nightmare

Ashish lay in bed sweating profusely. Whatever had happened in his shop had horrified him beyond words. He knew he could never be able to explain the incident to anyone. 280 more words

How I Layer Colors (in which I draw a bunch of scarves and can't stop)

I’ve finally recovered from Drawcember everyone!

You know what this means. I’m back to my maddened pace of churning out art. Ahh, it feels so good. 324 more words

Colored Pencil

WIP Update: Yet Another Finch

Aaaand I copied another Finch. You wouldn’t have believed my excitement writing a few days ago and coming up with Mrs. Fynch, secretary and avid fan of Emily Post’s… 47 more words