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Darkness Has Come To The Roses WIP

I learned a bit ago that I work best when I have multiple projects happening. I don’t get bogged down in the details of one or the other. 78 more words


- stuff -

Due to the overwhelming success of the kawaii head drill, lots of positive feedback and demand for more, from now on, im going to focus all my efforts on making more contraptions in this style, you wanted it, you got it! 10 more words


WIP Check-in: Five Days to Go

Is the final draft done yet?: NO

Current page count: 180/207

Glasses of Wine: 1

Current problems with the manuscript: the joys of infodumping, how to effectively split up the party… 182 more words


Personal Photos

Now that it’s been getting warmer, I’ve had the chance to get out & explore. One of my favourite things to do is to explore abandoned houses, and my friend & I have been doing that quite a lot lately. 51 more words

Museum Book WIP

For my Museum Book project, I am working together with Cory on a book about pixel art and chiptune music. I am researching the pixel art side of things and he is researching the chiptune side of things. 260 more words

Mirra Chair Advertisement

For Graphic Design II, we were spilt into teams of two and given the assignment to each design a full page advertisement for Herman Miller’s Mirra Chair. 88 more words

Museum book wip!

For my museum book topic I will be talking about Pokemon! Pokemon has always been a HUGE part of my life and I am very excited to share that enthusiasm with this project. 111 more words