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Thankful Thursday

Sometimes the universe gifts you a tin filled with popcorn kernels. And sometimes the gift comes in the form of a writing project that transports you away from life’s challenges and makes your heart sing.

Out My Window

Writing Sample: WIP Chapter 1

I have been working on this book for over 2 years and almost nonstop for the past 6 months. So, I thought I would share a chapter with you guys! 1,085 more words

Reading And Writing

Introducing: The Puppeteer

a unit of deities who call themselves “The puppeteer” and the gods of the world I write for most


Mortum redesign sketches

I decided to revisit one of my older characters and redesign her a bit
I might try to 3D model her at some point

Here’s her original references sheet from like, 2 years ago


"The Abyss" WIP 3

The most far along WIP. I added a star compass that showcases my first attempt at creating a glass look in Illustrator. I think it went really well! 49 more words

Work In Progress

Elora Stoneshire - #WIPWeek

Age: 19 – Present Storyline

Various ages – Past Storyline

Elora Stoneshire has fled from her home in the neighboring country of Osthaven in order to protect her family. 185 more words


"The Abyss" WIP 2

So my idea has changed it’s general look from the first WIP but I am glad it did. This style is much nicer to me and was a lot of work to look nice. 88 more words

Work In Progress