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Sculptember2018 Day 20

Getting back into the grind of it. I have spent most of today smoothing the bottom of the cape thing, I think it’s starting to look OK.

Thanks for looking



Early Holiday Mode & WIP

Weird as it is for September, I’ve been on a little binge of Christmas/holiday movies that usually come out on channels like Lifetime. Although not known for their deep or complex storytelling (you should be watching for happy endings anyways 😁), I find they always cheer me up. 105 more words

Evan the Scavenger

As many of you know, I wrote a fantasy novel currently being edited called ‘Haven’.

I painted another of the main characters: Evan the Scavenger


Sneak Peak: Synopsis

Today I wrote the synopsis for my WIP, and I’d like your opinion. 230 more words


Project: Basic Kirtle

After realizing that I own exactly one dress, which is more medieval fantasy than anything else, I’ve turned towards making a casual day dress. It’ll be nice to have something to wear that isn’t fencing garb or pajamas with a coat thrown on top. 286 more words