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Poem Haiku

True, I can not write

a poem like the others.

So here’s a haiku.

(not my finest work :) but it’s getting late and I wanted to write something quick and fun as I did proper work)

V is for Visitor #AtoZChallenge

They drove in silence. Jessica folded her hands in her lap and glued her eyes to the glove compartment in front of her. Occasionally, at a red light or stop sign, Bruce turned to her, opened his mouth to speak. 863 more words

Short Fiction

Rippling Spring Blanket, Part I

So I’ve already started working on this Chevron/Ripple blanket mentioned yesterday (I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait!) and I’m loving how nice the Shepherd’s Wool is working out–The… 123 more words


No. 44 - Work in progress

This is as far as I come with acrylic paint. It´s awful!!! I wanted to give it a try because it seems so practical to be only painting with water and not with stinky turpentine, but somehow it´s not my style of working. 60 more words


Knitter's Confessional

I spent a day at home this week, watching a sick Squirms and, during her many naps, found myself with time to actually cull through my stash and get an accurate look at the various projects I have in progress.  334 more words


WIP (work in Progress) Only One

 Title: (WIP) Only you

Genre: Dance/ drama

Job title/roll: Director, Editor

Location: Chicago

This is a dance video I’m currently working on with a friend, the titles, color grade and B-roll shots still need to be added. 24 more words


Wip Twisted Double Torus Bracelet

A bracelet I quickly modeled and test printed at 1:2.54 scale.