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studio work

Somebody is anxious to tackle the mounds of fun artmaking stacking up in her brain when school starts this Tuesday! Ok, it’s me. Here’s a piece I’m fiddling with:


Tomo Loves His Coffee! (WIP, Lineart)

Tomo with a coffee mug. The coffee will be more apparent after it’s colored xD


Impulse Project-Starting

You know how it goes, right? You scroll through Pinterest, Ravelry, or whatever else your favorite go-to place for finding crochet/knitting patterns may be… and you see THAT THING, and it’s AWESOME, and you just GOTTA MAKE IT. 109 more words


Thursday Knit-a-Sock-Along: Week 3

I’ve been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, so took time off from knitting :( , and spent minimal time on the computer this past week (outside of work), thus no blogging. 443 more words


Writing At Night, When the Juices Flow (Second Draft Journal #4)

I seem to have a problem…

Nowadays, I only feel comfortable writing at night.

I noticed this habit forming during summer, but didn’t really do anything about it. 601 more words