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20 Years of the PSOne—Wipeout

This week we can celebrate 20 years of the PSOne being out in Europe, and the gang over at Push Square are celebrating with a lot of looks back at the biggest titles and best memories. 142 more words


The Wipeout Legacy: Perfect Lap Edition Celebrates 20 Years of a Classic

Today is the 20th anniversary of the PS1 coming out in Europe. And on that first day, many happy gamers took home Wipeout as well, a futuristic racing game where you join the exploits of the Antigravity Racing League. 37 more words


New Wipeout Game? Never Say Never!

By Simon Parker

During a Q & A segment at the EGX event, the President of Sony’s worldwide studios commented on the prospect of revisiting the much-loved futuristic racing series Wipeout. 166 more words

I hit the wall, but kept going

Back in June, when my cousin first asked me to do WIPEOUTrun, I was immediately taken back to grade 8 gym class. “Ugh…my face feels kinda hot…did I miss the ball? 473 more words


Remember Takeshi's Castle? Here's The Best Of Fail Video You Need To Watch Right Now.

You’ve probably seen this on TV late at night, or maybe while you were sick at home. It was weird, wasn’t it? A bunch of Japanese people doing some hilarious stunts for some unknown objective. 39 more words

I Wish For: Water Racing

One of the first games I got for the 3DS was Rising Board, the hilariously fun surfing penguin game. It’s worth it. It also shows off the idea of water in 3D. 83 more words


Untraditional Sports Games Are Now in Vogue

To call something traditional these days is to tear down the edifice of what tradition used to be seen as and turn it into something altogether different. 1,502 more words