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Returning To A Series After E3

E3 is a magical time of the year for gamers, both hardcore and casual. While the hardcore will stay awake till the early hours of the morning watching the ‘earth shattering’ announcements being made live during conferences, the casuals will still be drip fed news on the biggest games via social media and word of mouth. 559 more words

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Wipeout Omega: Epic Couch Battle #5

We are so excited to play Wipeout again! We booted up the Wipeout Omega Collection on release day and went head to head in a five race tournament. 48 more words


UK: Here's This Week's Charts

It’s Monday which means its time to see how the various new releases performed in the United Kingdom. Wipeout: Omega Collection zoomed to number one, which is a first for the series in the United Kingdom. 68 more words


Classic | WipEout (1995)

WipEout was first released in 1995, being a launch title during European release of PlayStation. The game was developed and published by Psygnosis and was one the first recognizable franchises of the platform. 744 more words


The Omega Collection Makes Three Good Wipeout Games Even Better

(Source: kotaku.com)

The Wipeout Omega Collection launches on PlayStation 4 today, combining all the content from Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048 into one gorgeously remastered package. 254 more words


Wipeout Omega Collection- a review.

I love Wipe Out as a video-game series. Fast, furious and high-speed Drum’n’Bass combined with bright and futuristic visuals, high speed thrills and the adrenaline rush that kicks in when the races start is damn near unbeatable. 862 more words


Wipeout Omega Collection

June 7, 2017 Anti-Gravity League fans are able to return to the blistering fast tracks in PS4’s Wipeout Omega Collection! Grab a Red Bull and strap in for Mach speed racing, against opponents armed to the teeth in this collection of the last 3 entries in the series: PS3’s Wipeout HD, Fury and PS Vita’s Wipeout 2048! 224 more words