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Redout Review

Futuristic racing games seem like a rare treat these days. True, Wipeout reappears on every Sony platform at some point to some fanfare. But the racing subgenre was once more packed with contenders. 2,735 more words


Review: Redout

A strange thing is currently happening to one of my all-time favourite genres. Wipeout is no more, there hasn’t been a F-Zero game in over a decade, and Rollcage II came out in 1996 – the future of the futuristic racer is now a race between new IPs. 762 more words

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6 Defining Moments of PS1

The best PS1 games, moments, and franchises that made the console so bloody brilliant.

If the original PlayStation console wasn’t defining enough, there were thousands of memories stored on every disk ready to reshape the industry in the 90s. 742 more words


Tally Ho

Heading into 2017 full steam ahead.


PSX hits everyone with them nostalgia feels

The November rush has come and gone so with the final month of the year winding down, it’s obviously time for some more press conferences before we not-so-tearfully wave goodbye to 2016. 596 more words

Wipeout Omega Collection Announced For PS4, Coming Summer 2017

Wipeout is a name synonymous with PlayStation. The gravity defying racer known for its ballistic speed and an iconic thumping soundtrack has featured on every PlayStation format since 1995 – and it’s now set to rip through the air on PlayStation 4 this coming summer. 72 more words


PSX 2016: Wipeout HD Collection

Shawn Layden premiered the debut trailer for “Wipeout Fury HD”, renewing another classic PlayStation franchise for PS4. This collection contains PS4 versions of Wipeout HD, Wipeout Fury & Wipeout 2028. 27 more words