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First Pre-Alpha Footage of Formula Fusion

R8 Games, developer of Formula Fusion, has provided some new pre-alpha footage of the upcoming spiritual successor to the Wipeout series of racing games. 308 more words


WipEout HD & Fury (PS3, 2008) - Image Gallery (In progress)

After some time, past weekend I’ve been playing WipEout HD again. I was mainly taking captures to update WipEout HD & Fury Tracks Feature of the blog. 80 more words


Hot Woman Faceplants On Live TV (Video)

There’s just something about watching a hot woman almost break her nose that is a little bit enjoyable huh?

Okay that’s messed up but it sure did make me laugh.


Is It Time for You to ‘Go MUCK Yourself’?

My decision to become a motivational speaker continues to rock my world.

Bottom line: I meet the coolest people!

Last Fall, as part of a program called SpeechCraft, several of my Toastmaster friends and I found ourselves at a local company helping a dozen team members strengthen their communication skills and confidence. 401 more words

I Need the Motivator from Wipeout

If I could get that installed at my house, I could better propel myself out the front door of my house.

My jobs in the morning are: let dogs out for a pee; take my pills; get midgets up out of bed (sure, they have alarm clocks, but that doesn’t mean they will heed them, so I’m their backup, their plan B); monitor the progress of the aforementioned midgets, offering solutions to problems such as forms that need to be signed, swimming stuff to find, and a distinct lack of socks all while keeping an eye on the clock; get myself ready for work, the effort of which varies depending on the dirtiness of my hair; feed dogs (because if I feed them as soon as I get out of bed, they wake me up earlier and earlier every day); kiss girl midget good-bye; take dogs for a walk; and go to work. 181 more words

Good Things

[News] Formula Fusion (spiritual successor to Wipeout) Kickstarter campaign has launched!

I think it’s time to stir it up a bit. There’s not much to report about things in the world of Re-Volt anyway, so here we go. 638 more words