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Stitching Sundays #26 or WIPocalypse September

Did you guys see the full moon this week? It was super bright! I mean, that’s to be expected since its the Harvest Moon, but still. 662 more words

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WIPocalypse August or Stuff that Got Done!

Another lunar cycle as come and gone. More time to stitch like the world’s about to end! Although, it is a little on the late side. 704 more words

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July WIPocalypse Check In

Wow – July’s full moon has been beautiful. I’ve seen quite a bit, as I drive in the dark to the base pool.

I have got thru 3 rotations of stitching this month; a chunk of Persephone, over the mental hump of Afternoon in London and up to Maleficent in Raven Queen’s first page. 287 more words

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WIPocalypse July or Striding Forward

So I’m a few days late in the lunar cycle. Quite a few things have happened this month, all of it good. Though, at 8am on a Wednesday, my wit has apparently vanished. 558 more words

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WIPocalypse June or Some Progress

Another full moon and another WIPocalypse update! Ok, so it’s a little past the full moon, but it’s the though that counts right? WIPocalypse is a SAL hosted by Melissa over at  779 more words

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Almost June?

How’s everyone doing? Can you believe May is almost over? I can’t. I just got use to writing May for everything. When May came I was like…when did we have April!  201 more words

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Stitching Sundays #16 or WIPocalypse May

Or Enter the Dog-Hair Threads

So, what’s up? How are all y’all? Good good… Well, I actually have a somewhat legitimate reason for not posting last week. 873 more words

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