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#7 | 2015 WIPocalypse

I haven’t participated in the WIPocalypse since April. Not that I didn’t want to, but I was trying to reach a goal and hadn’t until now. 177 more words

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July WIPocalypse #1 & You Can Quote Me

Not only is it a new moon, there was also another thing in the sky to look out for.

It’s not as if two worlds will collide tonight — Venus and Jupiter are only converging into a small area of the Earth’s sky.  382 more words

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June WIPocalypse and WIP Wednesday

Wow, WIPocalypse already! Time just seems to be flowing by. Sometimes I feel like I barely have time to breathe before diving into the next thing & I wish it would all just slow down a little. 478 more words


WIPocalypse the sixth (my fifth)

So, after completely missing last month’s WIPocalypse post, it swings back around again.

The question this month: Are you more productive with stitching in Summer or the Winter? 280 more words

A Stitch Here, A Stitch There

Guess what? I actually did an entire column this past week? Can you believe it? I know I can’t. Before I went to bed, I put in a little stitch time (I missed it!) and soon finished another column. 263 more words

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WIPocalypse Check In

This month’s set of posts was delayed, thanks to Gremlins getting into Measi’s site. Blah. Sucks that you can’t throw water on electronics (showing my eighties upbringing). 161 more words

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#4 | 2015 WIPocalypse

Wow, it’s that time for the big ol’ Wipocalypse. March went by very fast. It’s not just me, is it? I did spend two weeks of it on a searching journey and that took out a big chunk of my March. 400 more words

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