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WIPpet Wednesday, But first Some Notes.

The first book of Uncommon Bonds is now entering in his editing and proofreading phase. I have some amazing readers and proofreaders, but I want to give a big shoutout to the encouraging Yasmin Koshnood, the sweet… 625 more words

"There is nothing new under the sun." An opportunity to practice pathological optimism. And also...wah.

This week, I’m living it up with my toddlers as the stay-at-home parent and that means frequent trips to the parks and libraries. And guess what happened? 258 more words


20 Days of Pride: Pride Snippet

This one is actually a new one.  I am trying to develop a story of a character that will be in the margins of the second book of my series, but will take center stage on my third.   344 more words


WIPpet Wednesday June 14, 2017

For this #WIPpetWednesday, I am drawing from the very first draft of “Uncommon Bonds.” This I’ll go for the second book of the series. The WIP Math today is 17 paragraphs. 639 more words


20 days of Pride: Pride Snippet

This should be a Rainbow Snippet, but instead, I am making it a Pride one, so no rules.

This comes from the first draft of “Uncommon Bonds,” which at the time I was planning on it being a novel. 378 more words


Rainbow Snippet 3/16/17

This #raibowsnippet comes from the second book of Uncommon bonds.  It focuses on Jonah and his boyfriend at the time, a Greek theater actor and director called Stavros Kapetanakis. 270 more words


WIPpet Wednesday

I am going back to the first book of Uncommon Bonds for this #WIPpet Wednesday.  This is the first scene I wrote of Liam and his first love, Martin Costigan. 352 more words