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Cast On: Mere's Heart Mitts

Awhile back my dearest friend from college sent me a sweet gift from the Pacific North West… lovely skeins of some Knitted Wit Victory Sock… 123 more words


A New Challenger Approaches!

Wips from my latest project–Click here for the bigger version!

Recently, the next era of Yugioh was announced with the new main character being… 191 more words

Works In Progress

Frogging, Renewing, and Improve!

I always got my best grades in Speech Class for my Improve.

Saturday afternoon I was working on the pencil colored pencil case.

I noticed that I had added about 5 more stitches per round than I needed.I started ripping it back to find where I had gone astray. 605 more words

For Sale Projects

Cast On: Nicole's Christmas Socks

My sister and I didn’t always get along, especially as teenagers. But now that we are both…ahem…over 3o, we’ve settled into more of a comfortable place. 161 more words


BA WIP & More

This is one of those annoying ‘something and nothing’ sort of blog posts that all bloggers are forced to do from time to time. When we don’t have anything amazing to show off or anything interesting to really talk about. 453 more words

My Painting And Modelling

2D Concepts-Musings-Body Art Design: 2016 - 2017

Invasion Panels

Ancient Suplus-Kahn

Tribal/Berserker Hulk Concept

Suffocation -mockup 01

E.V.I.L. -concept

Ohrm’s by Name

Chimeric Idol


Current projects

Hey everyone! I decided to write a post to let everyone know some of the current projects I’m working on. I’m currently participating in 3 sew alongs on instagram, one of which I just caught back up with so I haven’t posted about it on my instagram feed (you can follow me @crunkaree). 420 more words