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Timelines and Editing with April Munday - A WiPW Guest Post

After the success of Ritu’s post last week, I am glad to have another strong Work In Progress Wednesday to share with you all today… 808 more words


Ritu's WIP - WIPW Guest Post

Welcome to Work in Progress Wednesday! Where we discuss your work that’s in progress!

As I mentioned back on Monday, the future of the Clouds is one that’s bright, positive and all about sharing creativity… With that in mind, we’ve got a Guest Blogger who embodies all those traits and more! 1,160 more words


It's been a while.

Things in my life got crazy after GDC.

My full-time employer laid off a third of the company, myself included. This definitely threw me for a loop and I’ve been trying to recover from the blow to my financial security since then, while also working to find what makes me happy enough that I can do it for a living. 401 more words


WIP Wednesday: On Doing Stupid Sh*t

I have been working on the Hug vest. The vast majority of the knitting is done and I’ve grafted the shoulders. I still have to knit the edging around the neck and sleeves. 193 more words


WIP Wednesday: Ignore the Vest Edition

Does the Dream Stripes shawl look a little bigger? I spent a wee bit of time knitting on it yesterday. The pattern is so easy that I’ve memorized it already. 103 more words


WIP Wednesday: The New View

I mentioned a bit ago that N is playing lacrosse this year for a different town. It’s strange but he really likes it. I usually hang around and knit while he’s at practice if I have nothing else to do. 135 more words


WIP Wednesday: The Deja Vu Edition

Here we are again on another Wednesday talking about the progress we’ve made on our projects. I have spent the vast majority of my knitting time working on Hitchhiker Beyond. 72 more words