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WIP Wednesday: Bonus Knitting Time

Yesterday I had a bonus hour and a half of knitting and was able to get another section of the pattern done. I’m now over 100 stitches on the needle so my pace is bound to slow down. 113 more words


WIP Wednesday: New Project High

Yesterday I spent some time thinking about what project to cast on. Usually I have a plan ahead of time but this cast on was unexpected. 120 more words


WIP Wednesday: The Rules Edition

Do you have rules about your knitting? I do. There are only a few like no bulky weight sweaters, no mohair and most importantly no kitchnering after dark. 42 more words


WIP Wednesday: Things I Don’t Hate-A List

  • Chocolate: Most kinds and most things in chocolate flavor like cake and cookies.
  • Sleeping late on the weekends particularly if it’s damp and rainy.
  • Walking the dog.
  • 118 more words

WIP Wednesday: *Yawn*

The yawning is not about the project. I’m very happy with it. The yawning is about the exhaustion I’m feeling. My sleep has been miserable the last couple of weeks. 110 more words


WIP Wednesday: Moving Forward

I have been making good progress on Emily. I just attached the third skein of yarn. Yesterday I received the updated pattern from the designer. In the next day or so I’ll be separating the front and back. 142 more words


WIP Wednesday: #Kindness

As you can see I haven’t made a huge amount of progress on my Emily vest. I haven’t had a ton of time to just sit and knit so there isn’t much to say about it. 158 more words