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Employment Wages Continue to be Stagnant as the Working Class Seeking Employment has Nearly Diminished in Pekin, Illinois

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – The top industries that stimulated Pekin, Illinois’ economy are diminishing industries that once stimulated the economic growth in Pekin, Illinois. With companies avoiding corporate taxes by outsourcing and avoiding paying for the employee wages and taxes here in America, the wage growth is continuing to diminish, which has resulted in fewer people in the seeking work. 1,259 more words

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Top 10 Reasons Why Someone Should Not Date You?

  1. I’m incredibly introverted – Being physically close to a large amount of strangers has given me anxiety attacks before, and I guarantee it’ll happen again.
  2. 589 more words
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Consider These Architectural Home Designs in Pekin, Illinois to Brighten Up Your Next Home

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – While you may be either building a completely new home or searching for your next home, it is one of the most exciting times and is important to start looking for your ideal home design. 2,206 more words

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Lessons People Most Often Learn Too Late in Life

Most people follow the crowd.

They go to the same colleges everybody else goes to.

They’re applying for the same internships everybody else does.

They’re trying to land the same dream job everybody else is trying to land. 796 more words

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What would you do if your child or teenager threw a birthday party, and nobody showed up?

This didn’t happen to my son, but to my younger brother, on his 6th birthday (I was 17).

So my mom handed out every invitation and some parents actually responded and made sure they were going. 143 more words

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Elon Musk Has Buried Tesla With A Single Tweet


On April 13, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted an acknowledgement that Tesla had over-automated its production lines and underestimated the value of human workers in auto assembly. 327 more words

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50 Cent accidentally made $8 million in bitcoin

In 2014, rapper 50 Cent let people buy his album Animal Ambition using bitcoin. He then let his account lie unused for years, and only just recently discovered that he’s now a bitcoin millionaire,  194 more words

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